Mission Jupiter is a band from Belarus fronted by brilliant singer Nastia. The Alternative band has recently released a new album entitled “Talk To Me”. We had the pleasure to chat with Nastia and ask her about the new album and her band’s music and many other things. Enjoy this interview with Nastia of Mission Jupiter!

Hello Nastia! How are you and the other members of Mission Jupiter doing?
Hey! Right now I feel curious and pleased to answer your questions. Talking about the whole band, we feel very excited about releasing our new album and try to stay positive no matter what’s happening.
You have recently released your new album ‘Talk to Me’. How are you feeling about the reception this album got from the fans?
I’m so grateful to see how many wonderful people support us every day. It was so important for us to meet their expectations and I hope the second album is loved more than our first one
Suppose the person reading this interview never heard of Mission Jupiter before, what do you promise they’d hear if they go check your music right now?
What I will 100% promise is diving into the special and a bit cosmic atmosphere they never heard of before.
How about we play a little nerdy game! I will describe a scenario in an alternate universe and you have to react. Ready?
In a universe where all songs from Talk to Me came to life and became humans, which song would be your best friend?
I think now it would be our only Belarusian song in the album “Adziny Slach”
In a universe where goblins have invaded the Earth under the command of a dark overlord, and it was discovered that these goblins have one weakness, and that is the sound of heavy guitars, which song from “Talk To Me” would be best to fight back these evil creatures?
Certainly “My Hypocrisy” And the goblins are in a panic.
In a universe where money does not exist, and you pay for things by telling jokes and making people laugh, how rich would you be considered?
I wouldn’t be a billionaire for sure, but wouldn’t die of poverty, so “medium rich” works fine for me
In a universe where you can have any super power, which one would love to have?
Teleportation (with the ability to take any person with me)
In a universe where the senses of taste and hearing are mixed up, so you hear things you’re supposed to taste and taste things you’re supposed to hear, what food or drink would Mission Jupiter’s music taste like?
Food – a cheese plate, Drink – rich red wine … a perfect combination
Thank you for playing Nastia! We’re in 2021, and humanity made great progress in technology, medicine and sciences. In your opinion, why are so many cultures still backwards in human rights issues and we still see sexism and racism?
It doesn’t matter how far we go in technology or medicine progress, it’s all in our heads and it all comes from history. And obviously, all the countries have a different past that influenced people greatly and some people continue having this “past” in their minds. Unfortunately, it takes more time to get rid of such terrible things as racism and sexism. Maybe it’s even not possible to leave them back completely. But at least I’m sure that in the future there will be much fewer people full of prejudice and stereotypes.
Have you ever faced sexism? What advice would you give people who face such discrimination?
Of course. It depends on a situation, but in general the wisest thing is not to react aggressively. There can be a reason why some people discriminate against others: you may not know their lives well enough (for example, their behaviour could be influenced by their surroundings). If you want to let this person know they are wrong, you can ask them a question they won’t be able to answer to make them doubt. In my opinion, reacting emotionally won’t help and may even make everything worse.
What comes next for Mission Jupiter? Will there be a tour or something like that to support ‘Talk to Me’?
If we’re lucky enough and the coronavirus situation allows us, we’ll take part in a cool festival in Gdańsk, Poland. We also plan to further promote the album and our new music videos that will be released this year. Making some life videos is also among our plans.
Thank you for the interview, Nastia! It was a pleasure!
I actually had a wonderful time answering such creative questions! Thank you Wish you a lot of optimism and success!

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