Mexican singer Sharon Portilla has won the award for the best breakthrough performer category. Sharon has had an experience with more than one band but has recently emerged into the scene in a wonderful solo project releasing songs in her native tongue, Spanish.

Sharon, who most recently released a single named “DIVID”, which was also nominated for Best Breakthrough Song, received 20.6% of the total votes in this category securing a comfortable win.

The results for the Best Breakthrough Performer poll came as follows:

Sharon Portilla from Sharon Portilla20.6 %
Moriah Formica from Plush16.4 %
Dion Legebeke from The Damned Few15.9 %
Katarina Tramontana from Ewiniar11.2 %
Patricia Gschier from Adiant10.3 %
Nicol Hofmanová from Stellaris10.2 %
Eszter Anna Baumann from Light by the Sea8.4 %
Mirte van der Ham from Manora7.0 %
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