Talent is definitely everywhere in the whole world: and to prove this, we have chatted with an incredible singer and songwriter from the United States, Danielle Bloom, who recently published a song that perfectly fits what we talk about here at FemMetal.

Hello Danielle! How are you doing at the moment, in these crazy times?
I’m doing amazing, just working, hustling, and trying to make things happen as we all are. It is insane, isn’t it? I always try to keep a positive outlook to move forward with anything. Still, it is tough for us all, so obviously, there’s nothing wrong with saying “Oh my gosh, I’m bummed” or “This is happening,” but at the same time, we got to pick ourselves back up and maybe look at the silver lining a little bit.
I’ve read on your website that you started singing in the church’s choir, and I have done that as well! What is your favorite memory from performing in a religious environment?
It’s not very usual, and it is different from being just straight-up rock and roll live. But I enjoyed it, and it’s still what I’m doing: helping people along the way and inspiring them. I did a lot of youth events and teenage festivals and similars; I used to get a lot of fan mail. One teenager, in particular, wrote to me, “I wanted to commit suicide. When I came to your show, your show and message impacted me so much, and your music as well. I didn’t want to die anymore. I wanted to live, and I wanted to fulfill my purpose in life“, and I just cried. I still have that to this day, and I just remember, “Oh my gosh, you know this is what it’s all about.” Positively impacting people. Another one, a teenage boy, messaged me, “I was a drug addict, and when I came to your show and heard this message, I didn’t want to live like this anymore.” He went into rehab and started pursuing his dreams. It gives me chills even just thinking and talking about it because that’s what I want for my music, to do it for a purpose, not just “I want people to think I’m amazing” or ” I wanna be famous.” I want to help others. Even though I’m not in that sort of setting right now, I still want that to be a part of who I am and what I do.
Has the pandemic taught you anything important?
I believe the pandemic was a wake-up call for all of us to never take anything for granted, live life at its fullest, and pursue what you really want because you can do it.
Which three songs had the most impact on your life?
Well, obviously, “I Am Woman,” of course, but there are so many songs that have impacted my life… “Piece Of My Heart” by Janis Joplin, “A Fool in Love” by Tina Turner, “We Will Rock You” by Queen… I mean, Freddie Mercury it’s like my favorite of all time. So we can’t forget Joan Jett, though “I Love Rock And Roll,” I mean… right?
Great choices! Has there been a real-life situation that inspired any of your songs?
Yes! Actually, most of the songs I write are life experiences and things I go through; I believe it’s powerful, and I can own it because I’ve lived it. On my last record, one song, in particular, was called “I Give Up.” I know the title is “I Give Up,” but it meant not giving up on what you want to do and living your dreams. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Jim Rohn; he was a businessman (he passed away) and a personal development person who would help people develop themselves. I stumbled upon him in 2014, but one thing he said was, “Stand guard at the door of your mind.” The battle of everything is in our minds. The song stems from giving up the distortions about yourself, the negativity. We’re our own worst critics, let’s face it. We have these thoughts in our minds, “I can’t do it; I’m not good enough,” although they’re not true, so it’s giving those up and knowing that yes, you are good enough, you can pursue. Now, it’s going to take work, and we need to learn, and we’re going to grow, but you can do it if we can give those thoughts up. And at least learning to deal with them properly will be easier to move forward in our goals.
What is the best trait you have that is also a trait from one of your parents?
My mother died in 2010; she was extremely ambitious and not a quitter. She was one of the most positive people that I’ve ever known. On her deathbed, she was praying for other people to be healed; it was just wild. It was so sad going through that but seeing that strength, just as she was still giving other people hope and wanting them to be healed. It was amazing, she was like a bulldog, and I definitely got that trait: I am built for the long haul.
Not only is it hard to be a woman, but it’s even more complicated in the music industry. Do you think that women in metal are being treated differently than men? If so, what do you think the main issue is?
Well, first, it’s not hard being a woman; I love being a woman. It can, yes, be difficult and not just in one genre of music but in all of them; however, it’s hard for everybody. And I just believe that we just all got to keep going and keep trying and keep pushing and not quit. One thing I would tell women is to learn the business: get people around you that you trust and who care about you and that want to see you win. Learn all the different facets of the business so you can’t get taken advantage of. When we’re doing it blindly, there are so many things we don’t know. We have got to learn and research. It’s so much different these days than it was way back in the day, but do you think it’s a man’s world? Yes. Discrimination happens to everyone, and you don’t have to be a star to go through this stuff. We all got to stick together, support each other and help each other; I think that is extremely important. That’s another reason why I did want to record “I Am Woman” for the fact that we gotta have each other’s back. I’m not I am not a man-hater by any stretch; I love men! I have amazing men in my life that believe in me, family and really good friends, so it’s not a man-hating thing at all. We want to be treated the same.
What sports do you enjoy watching or playing?
Back in the day, I was really into gymnastics and figure skating. I still love watching them to this day, and I did them a little bit here and there. I can still do backflips; I also used to skate when I was really young, and it was so fun, but the music won! But I do sing the national anthem for a plethora of sporting events, and I have done that since I was 16. I’m still doing that today; it is such an honor to be able to. I have dated guys who have been into basketball or football, and I’ve pretended, “Yeah, of course, I’m going to go to the bar with you!“. It was fun, though!
Oh wow, those are my two favorite sports as well! I’d like to play a game with you. If aliens landed in front of you and, in exchange for anything you desired, offered you to perform only on their planet, what would you want?
A round trip ticket back to America. But if the aliens are that advanced to come here and they can do anything for me… then maybe a little teensy sound system I can put my purse so that I can perform anywhere anytime.
You found a loophole, haha! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview! Would you like to add anything to FemMetal’s readers?
Well, first, I want to thank you so much for having me and interviewing me. This was so fine, you are so rad and an amazing person, and I can’t wait to meet you in person one day, but it also would be super cool to be some of your readers at some of my future shows. That would be amazing! And if I could say one last thing, it would be never to compare yourself to anybody else. Focus on what’s in front of you; focus on who you are because there’s only one you, and nobody can do what you do. So go for it, whatever you want, no matter what, no matter you know life will bring us down, it will. We can’t stay down for the ten counts. There’s only one way to look, and that’s up. You can do it!

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