With her EP released in 2021, Lexi Layne continued to showcase her incredible talent and versatile music spectrum. On the 9th of this September, Lexi Layne released a music video for one of her songs, “Self Sabotage”. We had the chance to chat with Lexi and ask her about her music, her plans for the future, and her views. Here’s our interview with the majestic Lexi Layne.

Hello, Lexi. I’m happy to chat with you. How are you doing today?
I’m doing great! Thanks for having me.
You just released a new music video for the song “Self Sabotage”. What would you tell our readers to expect to see and hear when they watch “Self Sabotage”?
Expect to have your blood boiling, possibly jumping out of your chair as well. My vision was to really bring both good and evil to life but not in an over-saturated way. I think my team and I executed this perfectly.
Brilliant! How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard your music before?
My sound is beautifully haunting; powerhouse vocals with dynamic instrumentals. My music takes you on a ride you don’t want to get off of.
“Self Sabotage” is from your 2021 EP “Sinner and Saint”. Is there a plan for a new major release anytime soon?
100% I am working on new music now, most likely the beginning of the new year new music will be out.
In order to get to know you better and from a different point of view, how about playing some imagination game? I will set a scenario in an alternate universe with new rules and see how you’d react to the different situations. Ready?
Let’s do it!
In a universe where you are made the queen of a country, what would be the first law you’d make?
The right of “choice” for women with their bodies.
In a universe where humans can choose either to be able to teleport from one place to another or travel back and forth in time, which superpower would you pick?
In a universe where you’re the statue of liberty, what object would you be holding instead of a torch?
A sword
In a universe where money does not exist, but instead, people pay for things by making other people laugh, how rich would you be considered?
I would be a billionaire! I’m always making people laugh!
In a universe where the senses of taste and hearing are mixed up together, what food would you imagine your music would taste like?
Italian food
In a universe where making magic is real, what would your favourite spell do?
Thank you for playing, Lexi! I hope you enjoyed this!What musicians have you grown up listening to that have inspired you to become a musician yourself?
That was fun, thank you! Growing up I had a wide variety of musicians I would listen to I always loved the vocals of Christina Aguilera, Pink, and Aretha Franklin, but I also enjoyed listening to Pantera, Korn, Marilyn Manson, and Evanescence. A lot of those have been Big inspirations.
Have you ever faced any kind of sexism in your professional or personal life? How would you deal with sexist behaviour and what advice would you give young people around the world who face any kind of discrimination?
Of course, I have, I think at one point or another a woman has been in a situation like that. I am a very dominant female hence my song “DOMINATE”. Women should always stand up for what they believe in and never let a man control them.
Thank you for giving us this interview, Lexi. Is there anything else you’d like to add
Thank you so much for having me, this was awesome! Be sure to follow me on social media And if you are in the Los Angeles area I have a show at the Viper room on November 3, 2022, hope to see you guys there!
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