We had the opportunity to chat with Lucille Nightshade of the Italian Metal band, Aevum. Aevum have recently released their new album “Glitch”. The new album sounds like a great effort from the band to establish their identity with a unique sound. Lucille had a lot to tell us about her band’s music, their new album, as well as her life experiences.

Hello, Lucille. It’s really wonderful to talk with you. How are you and the rest Aevum members doing?
Hello Mirk and Femmetal readers! Thanks for having me. We’re doing great, thank you! Good things are ahead after these awful pandemic years.
You have been busy lately with the release of your fourth album ‘Glitch’ and several singles and music videos. Now your fans can enjoy the results of your hard work. How do you feel about the comments and reactions you’ve received on the album?
Yeah, it has definitely been hard work, especially because we mostly did it “remotely”. We are really glad and grateful for the feedback we are receiving, we just wish we could reach more people that still don’t know us and our music.
If any of our readers are learning about Aevum for the first time through this article, how would you describe your music and sound to them?
Perfect, you really got to the point! I would say: evolving (and NOT symphonic ahah). Some people were disappointed because Aevum were classified as symphonic metal from the previous albums, but “Glitch” is much more industrial and modern. Every album is almost a different genre. Pick your favorite and try it out 🙂
To get our readers who haven’t checked “Glitch” yet more intrigued and to get to know you better, how about we play a little game? I will give you a certain imaginary scenario and you have to pick one song from “Glitch” that best suits this scenario. Ready?
OMG YES I love games
Which song from “Glitch” would you use to introduce someone to Aevum’s music?
This is a tricky one, “Glitch” is different from everything we have done before. Let’s say “Lullaby”, a perfect introduction to our latest work.
Which song from “Glitch” would be a good theme song for an action series?
“Black swan theory”, actually inspired by a tv series, btw 🙂
Nice! If all the songs from “Glitch” came to life and became human beings, which song would be your best friend?
“7”, which is about a droid that becomes human. Perfect!
Aliens with advanced technology have invaded Earth. The only weakness they have is that their brains melt at the sound of heavy music. Which song from “Glitch” would you lead the resistance against the aliens with?
“Austerlitz”. Nothing better than a song about a war to lead a war.
An archaeologist in the year 3022 CE discovered a working CD of “Glitch” in the ruins of an ancient car, and was able to play the CD. Which song would the futuristic archaeologist be most impressed with?
I like to think it would be “What’s in a name” (if in 3022 CE they still know who Shakespeare is).
Which song from “Glitch” would you play for an audience including Freddie Mercury, Ronnie James Dio, Ozzy Osbourne, and Bruce Dickinson?
Ahaha what an audience! “The traitor”, more heavy metal and with a guest singer they would definitely appreciate, Fabio Privitera.
Thank you for playing along, Lucille! Hope that you had fun 🙂 As a feminist website, we like to learn and have our readers learn, from the experience of other women. So have you ever faced sexism? How do you deal with it and what advice would you give to young people facing any form of discrimination?
Thank you for the question. Feminism is really important to me in every aspect of life and especially in the metal culture, which definitely has male dominance and it’s generally considered sexist. I think both men and women should start paying attention to established behaviors that actually hide subtle sexism or even “benevolent sexism”. I experienced this many times without even noticing, at the time. It’s important to raise awareness of every little detail, at the cost of being considered annoying (yeah, that’s sexism too) to contest the status quo, established by men. When women must play by men’s rules they will always be at a disadvantage. Men can be feminists too, it means they are fighting for true equality. They say metalheads are a strong community, and I believe so. Let’s work to make it a safe place, a place of equality, for all genders 🙂
Thank you for the interview, Lucille. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Thanks to you and to all our readers. To know more about Aevum, follow us on our social media pages! You can find our songs on all streaming platforms. Can’t wait to hear your feedback. Stay safe!

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