After seeing Drabik live at Isola Rock, I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to interview this group from Verona that is about to release their debut record. I had the pleasure of chatting with guitarist Francesco and drummer Alessandro about music, hobbies and tv ads.

Hello Drabik, how are you doing?
All is well.
Good, thank you.
Congratulations on signing with Volcano Records! How does it feel to be in the big leagues?
Thank you! It feels like we are about to start getting serious, that we are on the right battlefield with the right weapons. We can’t wait for the album to come out.
Thank you very much! It feels very good. We’ve realized that we’re not “playing” anymore. Now it’s starting to get serious!
Speaking of the new album, can you tell us something in advance?
There is not much more to say; also, because two singles have already been released, the third one comes out with the video we are recording these days. In the end, it’s right for the album to be released and to be heard without saying, “It will be the best album in history.”
It will be the audience to tell us whether it is good or not, but in our opinion, it is very good.
How do you prepare the set list for your concerts?
Mainly according to the minute length, so how much time we have. Then according to the situation: whether to propose more melodic or heavier pieces.
Also, according to the tuning. First, all songs in a certain key, then those in another.
Who would you like to collaborate with on a future album of yours?
We have many bands; however, the main ones as inspiration are Korn and Gojira. You have to be inspired by the big guys because they are a good reference point.
Just to stay on “small” bands, also Rammstein. We have to see what kind of feedback our debut album will get; the second one is already being written. We would love to work with Maki again!
Maki is our “big potato,” as he calls us, and we also call him that. We worked well and came out with a good product.
Have you ever suffered from performance anxiety?
3 hours ago. It’s a constant for me; I’m super emotional.
For me, it’s at that moment, when I sit on the drums before I start, that I say, “Fuck”. Just that moment there, then I start and I relax; however you have those 20 seconds that you want to say, “No, I can’t do this, I’m leaving.”
There are times that it takes your head when it comes in; it’s tough. Even in the past, not with Drabik, but it happened. Maybe you get on stage, and you don’t know the songs. You don’t know anything. You played them three hundred other times last month and, at that moment, empty. It happens.
What are your hobbies besides music?
The motorcycle. Also, because when we’re not working, we play, so… I watch Formula 1 when Alessandro watches it.
That’s right, a little motorcycle ride. Maybe a few video games.
Do you think it is more difficult to be a woman in the rock/metal world?
No, nowadays, being a woman in metal is an advantage.
Just look at Cristina Scabbia, who is a metal queen.
Such big female icons like those in the 1990s and 2000s paved the way, in my opinion, for the generations that are here now. So, in my opinion, having a female member in the group, whether the singer or the bass player, gives an extra edge in visibility and image. We also had a female bassist.
In all the live shows we have done so far, at least one group or two had a woman either playing or singing.
I wanted to play a little game with you: tell me the worst commercial you have ever seen.
There’s an advertisement for a mozzarella from Apulia called Deliziosa – it’s embarrassing; you just don’t want to buy that stuff. They frame skyscrapers with the camera coming out into a room where one says “Delicious.” Maybe even the Estathe one.
I don’t like perfume ads in general because they don’t want to say anything. It’s always a beautiful girl or a guy who is a cool model; he comes up from the boat or the water, then the perfume comes out from the water, and the perfume’s name comes out. The end. What does the perfume taste like? Unknown.
Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule for this interview! Anything else you would like to add to the readers?
Listen to our songs! See you on August 27th in Siena!
Get ready for the new single and video!

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