It is simply extraordinary how much talent we can find in Finland, home to many wonderful bands and artists. And the guest of my next interview is obviously part of this category: I chatted with Vermilia about music and life and her recent release, “Ruska“.

Hello Vermilia! How are you doing at the moment?
Hello, I am doing okay. Very busy at the moment, but all good here. Trying to promote the new album and prepare some things for the future.
Awesome! Your latest album, “Ruska”, was recently released. After a thorough listen, I can say it is quite a distinctive record! Did you intend to make the songs so rough and raw, or was it something that happened without much thought?
Everything I compose or write happens without bigger plans. I just let the creativity fly and move forward with the feelings I have in that moment.
The atmosphere you create in your track is outstanding: what is your inspiration to create?
Thank you so much. My biggest inspirations are nature, sadness, darkness, autumn rain and mythology.
You are also a skilled singer: has your technique changed over the years?
Yes, it has very much. I have studied different vocal techniques, which has helped me find all my voices. I love using my voice in many ways, and it’s my favourite instrument. Different languages create different tones… Voice sounds different when singing in Finnish than singing, for example, in English.
If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?
That artists would receive more royalties from the digital world, and copyrights would be respected more.
Do you have any unpopular opinions? If yes, would you share one or two with us?
I believe we all have some. I think I’ll keep those inside, haha.
Oh that’s too bad! I love hearing unpopular opinions 🙂 What’s your motto or some good advice that you live by?
Be thankful for what you have right now, and don’t take anything for granted.
Not only in the music industry but also in everyday life, women are being discriminated against and disrespected. Will there ever be a solution to this problem?
I think we are going in a better direction, but we are still very far away from a solution for this.
Let’s play a little game: if we were forced to elect a music celebrity to be the president, who would you pick?
No one.
Thank you so much, Vermilia, for taking the time to do this interview! Would you like to add anything else to FemMetal’s readers?
Thank you so much for the interview, and thank you all for reading this. I wish you all a lovely autumn and time of Ruska.
Benedetta Baldin

Hi! My name is Benedetta, I’m 29 and I live in Northern Italy. My passion has always been music: I started taking guitar lessons when I was 6. Now I work as a sales representative, but in my free time I interview talented people, I spread the word about my favorite band (MoonSun), and I go to concerts or travel around Europe. I am a huge collector of anything Tolkien-related, autographs, merchandise, and CDs. I am quite an original person and don’t mind being the voice outside of the choir (even though I play in the church’s choir!).