“Red Dragon” by Volturian was the release that received the most votes to win the Neith Award for Best Release by a Breakthrough Act in FemMetal Awards 2022. Italy’s Volturian released their sophomore album “Red Dragon” in May of 2022. The band, who released their debut album in 2020, was met with great positivity from Metal fans and critics for their creativity and talent in their new album. Volturian is fronted by the sensational vocalist Federica Lanna.

The category was named after the Egyptian goddess of arrows, Neith, which was appropriate as the breakthrough bands nominated have been as fast and powerful as arrows when released.

The full list of nominees for the Neith Award are:

  • Chez Kane – Powerzone
  • Cobra Spell – Anthems of the Night
  • Felicia – Feel Good Songs for Oblivion
  • Fortis Ventus – Vertalia
  • Gallia – Obscura
  • Sidus Atrum – Spiral of Life
  • Solitude Within – When Kingdoms Fall
  • Stellaris – Upside Down
  • Ultima Grace – Ultima Grace
  • Volturian – Red Dragon

The result was announced by our own Benedetta Baldin.

Reuel Way

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