Cobra Spell guitarist Sonia Anubis won the Ma’at Award for Best Instrument Player in the FemMetal Awards 2022. The Dutch guitarist received the most votes among a group of talented nominees for the same award. Sonia Anubis’s Crypta Spell released a new EP in 2022 named “Anthems of the Night”. The EP was also nominated for Best Release by a Breakthrough Act.

The full list of nominees for Best Instrument Player is below:

  • Alba Nasoni
  • Aline Dutchi
  • Alis Emerson
  • BEX
  • Elena Carnevali
  • Julia B Cadau
  • Mia Wallace
  • Orianthi
  • Sonia Anubis
  • The Great Kat

The result was announced by FemMetal’s writer and the talented photographer Taylor Cameron.

Reuel Way

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