Night two of the Scarlet Records Fest, ran into some step-backs, the main one being the absence of Winterage, due to some of its members having fallen ill. The rest, though, flew by like oil on a smooth panel, timed by strong choruses and guitar riffs to take the breath away. The photos from the second day are as well by our own Silvio Colombo. We’d also like to thank the Legend Club Milano for their kindness and professionalism and for hosting this event!


The night opens with a high-pitched scream that has the audience lose their minds: Tomi starts jumping around the stage, and immediately the crowd is hooked. His energy on stage is matched only by that of his bandmates, with bassist Jack trotting around looking for a mic to belt out the second voices. It’s a nerd-kind power metal, one of my favourites, to be honest, with the setlist heavily relying on their last album, The 1.21 Gigawatts Club, inspired by the cult movies Back to the Future. The all-man band doesn’t miss a beat, congratulating in advance the other guests of the evening and having all of us screaming at the top of our lungs with a cover of No Easy Way Out by Robert Tepper. Yes, exactly the one from the 1985 soundtrack album Rocky IV. Told you it was a nerd-like kind of style!


  1. Holding On
  2. Will You Save Us All
  3. 2204
  4. We Don’t Need Roads
  5. No Easy Way Out
  6. I Have The Key

Frozen Crown

Another Power Metal band, another great time awaiting the impatient crowd. Frozen Crown is the only band with women of the night (Jade as a vocalist and Fabiola as one of the guitars), and compared to Skeletoon, their approach to the genre is more melodic. It’s a polarizing band, with the attention of the audience being pulled in every direction by the guitars’ solos and Jade’s immaculate vocals. They debut their latest single, “Call of the North“, singing it for the first time, and even then, some hard-core fans already sing along. Everyone is so taken by the music, that no one is really surprised when drummer Niso announces he has broken the sticks only three songs in!


  1. Neverending
  2. The Water Dancer
  3. Everwinter
  4. Call Of The North (Live Premiere)
  5. Kings
  6. In The Dark
  7. Far Beyond
  8. I Am The Tyrant
  9. Night Crawler
  10. The Shieldmaiden

Vision Divine

The oldest band of the night, which officially debuted in 1999 with their title album Vision Devine, is also probably the most awaited. The members enjoy joking around on stage between a prog-power song and the other and, despite being the last to play, the audience is captivated just as it was previously. It is worthy of note the outstanding talent of Olaf Thorsen on guitar, which enhances the power of this group. The highlight of their set, and maybe even of the whole night, is without a doubt their last performance, acclaimed and requested by the crowd, “La Vita Fugge”, to which everyone sang along.


  1. 26th Machine
  2. Beyond The Sun And Far Way
  3. God is Dead
  4. Angel Of Revenge
  5. Violet Loneliness
  6. 3 Men Walk On The Moon
  7. The Perfect Machine
  8. The Secret of Life
  9. The Miracle
  10. Send Me An Angel
  11. La Vita Fugge
Debora Corti

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.” - Marie Curie