Thank you for making 2022, like 2021, 2020, 2019, and 2018, a special year for us at FemMetal. In 2022, we reached new heights with articles that people from around the globe read. A lot happened. The good: Live music was back to its full power and great albums were released; The bad: the war in Ukraine and the death of some iconic people. FemMetal was with you in all these events, covering the good and the bad. You also were with us, as we received a record amount of visitors and as we were visited from almost every country in the world. So, on behalf of the whole FemMetal team, we would like to say: THANK YOU!

Here are some of our main milestones and statistics from 2022 on FemMetal!

The visits

Total Number of Visits: 166,482

Total Number of Visitors: 74,385

Top 10 Countries

Our visitors came from 179 different countries in the world. That is only 14 states fewer countries than the total number of member states of the United Nations! Here are our top 10 countries from where our visitors came.

1United States
5United Kingdom

Top 10 Articles

Here are our most-read articles in 2022 counted down:

10Cobra Spell – “Anthems of The Night” Review
9V-Thoughts: Twitter suspends the misogynist douchebag Jordan Peterson
8Halestorm “Back From The Dead” Review
7Interview with The Great Kat
6Scene Queen Interview & EP Review
5Report: Goddesses of Metal Covers
4FemMetal Awards 2022: Nominees, Theme, and Details announced!
3Canadian Female Musicians in The Hard Rock/Hair Metal Genre
2Interview with Gamazda
1Interview with Larissa Liveir

We hope 2023 will be a good year for all our beloved visitors. We will continue to stand by you, through thick and thin, covering feminist topics and women in Metal and Rock music!