Last Friday night, at RUSH RistoPub in Bergamo (Northern Italy), I enthusiastically participated in a ViolaFuel concert. To be honest, it was my first live event of theirs, having known them only through their one studio album, “Medusa’s Seed”. And I have to say, recorded music just doesn’t do them any justice.

They came alive as soon as their feet touched the stage, igniting the already sparkly atmosphere of the pub with strong bridges and powerful vocals. ViolaFuel mainly performed songs from their album, delighting us with a couple of upcoming releases that showcase their growth, both musically and lyrically.

Bea the guitarist, Chichi the bassist, Chiara the vocalist and Gammy the drummer, still have some work to do in order to push their way through the sometimes oversaturated panorama of metal music, but it seems, if they’re able to imprint their energy into their upcoming studio album, they might have what it takes to shine above the others.

A big shout out to the opening band too, the Spicy Brains, an all-man trio without a vocalist that had the whole pub jamming out to their funky tunes; they have an album out too, “Wait a Minute”, and might wanna give it a try! The photos are as always by our very own Silvio Colombo.

Debora Corti

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