Meet Eda Soybay, a talented and creative social media personality who has captivated audiences on Instagram Reels with her stunning guitar-playing videos. In this interview, we delve into Eda’s musical background and explore the passions that drive her to create beautiful music. We also discuss her thoughts on sexism she and many other women face on social media and gain a deeper understanding of who she is as a person. Get ready to be inspired by Eda!

Hello, Eda. I’m happy to chat with you. How have you been lately?
I’m fine thank you very much. I’m also very happy to be here and I hope you guys are doing well too.
You are a very talented guitarist! I really love your content. What inspired you to start sharing your guitar playing on social media and how has the response been so far?
Thanks for your good idea. I definitely had a lot of time to spare with the guitar after graduating from college. I wanted to share the pieces that I love and that make me happy with my followers, I didn’t think I would come to this day. I can say the inspiration is as follows. Shortly after school ended, we entered the pandemic process. At that time, I wanted the tangible things that would remain behind me to have a place in this universe. I wished to hear the name of Eda Soybay, good or bad. The best thing I had was my guitar and my music. I have received many comments, good or bad. But overall it was good, which encourages me to produce new content.
Can you tell us more about your musical background and how you got into guitar playing?
Actually, I mentioned a little bit in the previous question. It started with learning classical guitar in middle school, but then I quit. Because I wanted to play electric guitar, classical guitar overwhelmed me. When I had many guitar players in my group of friends during my university years, I bought my first electric guitar and started this beautiful development process. After school, I devoted all my time to the music.
Are there any projects you are working on other than your covers, like a band or music project?
I have a music project, the things I wrote are available now I’m waiting for the right time to share. It will come in the future. Being in the group and advancing is a very difficult process, frankly. Therefore, if there is a group that will continue, I can join in the future.
In order to get to know you better and from a different point of view, how about playing an imagination game? I will set a scenario in an alternate universe with new rules and see how you’d react to the different situations. Ready?
Very excited for sure!
In a universe where you are the queen of a country, what would be the first law you’d make?
Surely everyone would have the right to a comfortable life, equality and justice.
Great law. In a universe where humans can choose either to be able to teleport from one place to another or travel back and forth in time, which superpower would you pick?
I don’t think I want to see backwards or forwards. I love to live in the moment, the important thing is today. So just get teleported.
In a universe where you’re the statue of liberty, what object would you be holding instead of a torch?
I guess I’d be holding my guitar 🙂
In a universe where money does not exist, but instead, people pay for things by making other people laugh, how rich would you be considered?
A legendary question came to express my positivity. Ahahaha 🙂 I would be very very rich. As someone who smiles in every video.
That’s so true! In a universe where a zombie apocalypse has taken place, would you be hiding, or would you be our fighting zombies, or would you be already turned into a zombie?
I think I’d be hiding and making my own insulated box room 🙂
In a universe where a theme song plays whenever you wake up announcing the start of your day, what would your song be?
We don’t need to think much. Sweet Child O’Mine!
Thank you for playing, Eda! I hope you enjoyed this! We live in an era where social media became essential for musicians to reach fans and promote their music. In your opinion, what are the cons and pros of social media having all that power in the music industry?
A platform social media with pros and cons. I can reach as many people as you said. I can share many topics that I like with my followers and create a community. It’s a very nice feeling. I am happy to be able to share everything I love about music and to find answers to my own questions easily, for help and answers to questions. Maybe the people I said I could never reach can communicate with me with the power of social media. Its negative aspects are tiring, but I try not to see them, for its beautiful aspects. Negative comments are hurtful, of course, but as long as you’re good, it’s unimportant. 🙂
Have you ever faced any kind of sexism in your professional or personal life? How would you deal with sexist behaviour and what advice would you give young people around the world who face any kind of discrimination?
Of course there is sexism. In my first videos, “you can’t do that, take videos, share”, “bad” etc. There were many comments. There are many comments immediately that you are a woman, but I have been in the process since 2020. I don’t get hung up on these comments anymore. I think we will stop this in time as women. As long as we support each other, they just talk. We give the necessary answers with our success 🙂 In short, go girl! Many women, my sisters, and my elders are approaching with fear. They are afraid to shoot videos and share their content with people. I think that I am courageous to many of my friends by conveying my own experiences. I will continue to be so. Everything does not have to be very good, the important thing is that if you love, there is nothing you can’t do. And just when you’re reading this is the right time to start. Don’t stop!
Great words! Thank you for giving us this interview, Eda. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Thank you very much for hosting me. You do great work on social media. Happy to meet you 🙂 Stay rock and metal!
Reuel Way

Being a feminist has been normalized as an irregularity through our patriarchal society, so I'd rather be called a "decent human" than a "feminist man". I breathe Metal and Rock and have a screwed-up sense of humour.