Degrees Of Truth will release the new album “Alchemists” on June 23rd in the following formats:

– digipak CD

– digital

“Alchemists” is the most eclectic album by Degrees of Truth: it combines innovative arrangements and influences from pop and electronic music, while leaning towards a modern and very elegant progressive metal side.

The album features catchy melodies, symphonic orchestrations but also compelling guitar riffs and versatile vocals that range from rock-style melodies to delicate chants and even operatic digressions, carried out by the new extraordinary singer Claudia Beltrame.

The variegated songwriting reflects the multiple lyrical themes, which include mini-concepts about the meaning of life, freedom and artistic creation.

The evocative artwork was created by Martin Perzul; graphic concept by 21O4.


1 Imperfect Concoction

2 Godless Symphony

3 Over the Tide (featuring Khaled Abbas – single/videoclip release: 19 May)

4 Flightmare (single/videoclip release: 27 April)

5 Wreckage of a Lifetime

6 Misconnection

7 Tiny Box of Horrors

8 Thread of Life

9 Bound to Rise (featuring Richard Henshall/Haken)

10 Alchemists (single/videoclip release: 08 June)