Introduction: Legend Club is an important landmark in the Italian metal scene, one of Lombardy’s last strongholds of original live music, especially after the pandemic. What I didn’t expect was that a medium size venue could efficiently host such a popular event, with so many musicians and sold-out tickets. It was actually organized perfectly, and everything went as smoothly as it could. We would like to thank Symphonity for their kindness and Claudia Beltrame for this awesome report!

Benedetta Baldin


The opening act of the evening was a heavy metal band from Piedmont, who joined for the last two shows of the tour. The set was relatively short but very compelling, and despite some tiny technical difficulties at the beginning, the group was able to engage the audience with their catchy melodies and their dynamism, properly warming up the cheering crowd thanks to their long experience ― the band was founded back in 1989! Their performance was focused on their last work, “Mirrors and Screens” (2020). 


Operation Sea Lion
Low Hero
The Old Guard


What a pleasant surprise, this band from Grenoble! Their power metal opera ‘The Legend of the Storyteller’, is full of memorable choruses and evocative symphonic suggestions, which are impressive on stage as well as in the studio. The two talented singers, Jeff and Adrien, not only succeeded in conveying the original spirit of their albums but were also very good at engaging the public, making them sing their hearts out even when hearing the songs for the first time. The most striking songs were ‘Kingslayer’ and ‘Crimson Tyranny’, the latter featuring on stage first Ivan Castelli (Lionsoul) and then all the singers from the other bands, for a blasting choral finale.


Theater of Sorcery
To Be the King
Madness of the Wise
You’ll Be the Legend
Crimson Tyranny


It was time for another powerful metal opera to come alive on stage. It was Symphonity’s turn, on their first time in Italy, to deliver an energetic performance and tell the fascinating story of Marco Polo, that dominates the setlist. Through elaborate orchestrations and riffs, the Czech band masterfully juggled between more dynamic songs like ‘Evening Star’ and more emotional tracks like ‘Dreaming of Home’, thanks to the two skillful singers: Mayo Petranin and David Åkesson, the latter replacing with his bright and distinctive vocals the official frontman Konstantin Naumenko on this tour. The notable performance captivated the audience, taking it on a 40 minutes’ ride as a perfect introduction to the headliners, Rhapsody of Fire.


Marco Polo Part 2: Crimson Silk
Marco Polo Part 3: The Plague
In the Name of God
Evening Star
Marco Polo Part 6: Dreaming Of Home
Marco Polo Part 7: I Found My Way Back Home
Give Me Your Helping Hand


There was a surprise in store for us, though. After Symphonity, we saw a guy with an electric guitar coming on stage and introducing himself as ‘Huecco’ in Spanish. He turned out to be a special guest invited by Rhapsody of Fire, with whom he recorded a song called ‘Fuego Valyrio’, inspired by the fantasy saga ‘Game of Thrones’, which he later performed with the band. He gave us a taste of another rock song of his, sending some latin vibes and singing in his mother tongue: a peculiar choice that surprisingly entertained the audience and prepared them to the following set.

Rhapsody Of Fire

The headliners don’t need an introduction, as they are historically the most important band for every symphonic metal lover. Rhapsody of Fire always delivers an unforgettable show, both through their technical ability and their emotional impact, thanks to the eclectic vocals of Giacomo Voli, who succeeds in rocking an impressive power-metal singing style but at the same time keeps it tasteful and not manneristic at all. As a special guest, aside from the above-mentioned Huecco, this time we found Manuel Staropoli, ROF’s flautist and brother of the mastermind and keyboardist Alex, who rarely follows the band on tour but, when he does, brings out in style the classical influences of the ensemble. The roaring guitars of Roby De Micheli and the mighty drums of Paolo Marchesich, the last addition to the lineup, combined perfectly with Alex’s arrangements and orchestrations, always incisive whether the band was playing ROF’s classics, like “Unholy Warcry” and “Dawn of Victory”, or the more recent songs like “The Legend goes on” and “Chains of Destiny”. The show captivated the crowd, and joined the performance by duelling with toy swords and sometimes even moshing. We can say without a doubt that this gig was a memorable ending of the tour for this famous Italian metal band, and we can’t wait to see them on stage again.


I’ll Be Your Hero
Chains of Destiny
The Legend Goes On
Unholy Warcry
March Against the Tyrant
A New Saga Begins
Son of Vengeance
Fuego valyrio (Huecco cover) (with Huecco)
Master of Peace
Rain of Fury
Un’ode per l’eroe
Dawn of Victory

Reign of Terror
Wisdom of the Kings
Emerald Sword
Act VII: The Angels’ Dark Revelation

Claudia Beltrame

Vocalist of Degrees of Truth and Wishmasters (Nightwish Tribute)