On Sunday, March 10th, the Live Club in Trezzo Sull’Adda was engulfed in the melodies and energy of three prominent metal bands: Infected Rain, DragonForce, and Amaranthe. As the night slowly descended upon the city, metal enthusiasts from Italy and abroad gathered at the venue, eager to immerse themselves in a symphony of raw power, intricate guitar solos, and impassioned vocals. Each band brought its unique style and flair to the stage, creating an unforgettable experience for all in attendance. We’d like to thank Leoni of Nuclear Blast for her professionalism towards us! The photos are by our very own Mauro Parozzi.

Infected Rain

We like it when bands play on time. We also like it when bands begin a bit before scheduled, but that is a bit of a downside for them since whoever arrives even just a minute earlier than the official playing time (7 PM) would have lost quite a few songs. And since the opening acts do not play for long, it’s essential to try to capture all the moments of their show. Infected Rain took the stage with an explosive presence, immediately captivating the audience with their intense fusion of metalcore, nu-metal, and alternative metal. Lead vocalist Lena Scissorhands commanded attention with her dynamic range, transitioning from haunting growls to soaring melodies. The performance was a whirlwind of headbanging rhythms and aggressive riffing, punctuated by melodic introspection. The crowd kept growing until they stopped playing, which was a good sign for the Moldavian group. The setlist consisted mainly of tracks from their newest release “TIME”, and it was very good to see those songs live in action. Infected Rain certainly set the mood and the bar high for this Sunday night show!


It’s time to change the stage and the subgenre as well because we’re transitioning from nu metal to high speed power metal with DragonForce. Guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman dazzled with their lightning-fast fretwork, unleashing a torrent of shredding riffs and harmonized leads that defied the limits of human capability. Vocalist Marc Hudson soared above the chaos with his outstanding vocals, delivering anthemic choruses that beckoned the crowd to join in unison. Hits like “Through the Fire and Flames” and “Fury of the Storm” ignited the venue into a frenzy of air guitar solos and triumphant chants. The funniest moment happened just before “Power of the Triforce”, where Marc literally tossed a stuffed chicken onto the audience, demanding it to be flown everywhere in the club. What a hilarious and unique moment! The band also delighted us with the renditions of “My Heart Will Go On” and “Wildest Dreams“, so really, we were simply in awe during the whole performance. Now, this is a band that everyone should see once in their lifetime! I have yet to witness such mastery with playing, singing, choreography, stage set up, and overall audience engagement. After every song, everyone chanted their name many many times. DragonForce‘s performance was a testament to their status as modern metal maestros, leaving everyone spellbound and exhilarated.


Closing out the night was Amaranthe, known for their innovative blend of melodic metal, electronic elements, and pop-inspired hooks. As the stage was bathed in pulsating lights and futuristic visuals, the band launched into a high-octane set that blurred the lines between metal and mainstream appeal. Vocalists Elize Ryd, Nils Molin, and Mikael Sehlin delivered a captivating performance, seamlessly weaving together their contrasting vocal styles to create a rich tapestry of sound. More than often Elize was communicating with the sound engineer, probably some trouble with the gear. It happens to everyone! Tracks like “Maximize” and “Drop Dead Cynical” showcased Amaranthe‘s infectious energy and catchy melodies, prompting the crowd to dance and sing along with infectious enthusiasm. But the cherry on top of their performance was the absolutely brilliant piano and voice intro of fan-favorite “Amaranthine“, which made the Live Club go deep into our souls, ransacking and searching for the most profound of all sentiments. That is what music is all about. That is what metal is all about. Delivering a message, with heart and soul. The band’s genre-defying approach to metal left a lasting impression, proving that innovation and experimentation are alive and well in the metal scene. In conclusion, the concert featuring Infected Rain, DragonForce, and Amaranthe was a triumphant celebration of the diversity and vitality of modern metal music. Each band brought their unique strengths to the stage, while still being all together in mesmerizing and enchanting audiences all over Europe.

Claudia Beltrame

Vocalist of Degrees of Truth and Wishmasters (Nightwish Tribute)