Skunk Anansie, musically radical from birth, will bring to the stage of No Borders Music Festival 2023 their essence made of a mixture of influences, cultures and personalities. Emotional, charged, conflicted and tender, they will give the festival audience a unique concert.
Founded in 1994 in London by singer Skin, bassist Cass and guitarist Ace, they immediately culturally and emotionally impacted all the music of the period and the one that followed. Basically, they are outsiders who perfectly mix race, gender, sexuality and cultural and musical influences. Between 1995 and 1999, the band released a series of hit singles such as “Little Baby Swastikka,” ” Selling Jesus” and “I Can Dream.” After the rise, the band decided to take a break, but in 2008 they reunited, and the song “Because Of You” was born.

The second chapter of their career is approached under the banner of energy, and with this very mentality, they released the albums “Wonderlustre” in 2010, “Black Traffic” in 2012 and “Anarchytecture” in 2015. Twenty-five years after exploding out of the backroom in London, Skunk Anansie got their own personal milestone with “25LIVE@25”, a live album that brought together the greatest songs from the six studio albums made in the previous years.

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