Exilia, the internationally acclaimed Italian modern metal band, is thrilled to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album “Unleashed” with the release of a deluxe, remastered, and expanded edition, slated to hit shelves on May 24, 2024.

Fronted by the incomparable vocalist Masha Mysmane, soprano known for her three-octave vocal range and undeniable stage presence, the essence of Exilia remains as vibrant as ever. Mysmane’s profound lyrics, coupled with her melodic influences, resonate throughout the album, reflecting her pivotal role as the primary songwriter.

   Exilia’s journey with “Unleashed” has been nothing short of remarkable. The band clinched victory in the MTV contest in Koln with the album and soared to the top 40 on the official German charts with their single “Stop Playing God.”

   They also served as the official special guests of Rammstein during a lengthy European tour, further solidifying their position in the metal scene.

   In addition to the original tracks, “Unleashed XX” presents revamped versions of fan favorites alongside electrifying new singles, offering a fresh perspective on timeless classics.

   “Unleashed XX” has left a lasting impact on listeners everywhere, serving as a meaningful soundtrack for many. Its mix of catchy tunes, heavy metal sounds, and powerful messages still captivates audiences after twenty years. Fans who’ve cherished the album for years will relish the enhanced sound of this new version, bringing back fond memories while injecting excitement, ensuring its legacy lives on in the hearts of fans worldwide.

This year, as part of their ‘Unleashed Tour’ which will see dates in much of Europe, there will be a date at the Slaughter Club on 10th May.
Together with them some exceptional guests as Drabik, Niamh and No Control.

LINK for online membership:  https://entro.in/slaughterclub
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