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Interview with Belle Morte

Interview with Belle Morte

We spoke with Belle Morte, the vocalist and lyricist of her namesake band, about her musical vision, their most recent releases, and planned projects. With our geeky game, we also got a glimpse of the person behind the performer. Enjoy this beautiful interview with Belle Morte!

News: Snow White Blood comes to an end

News: Snow White Blood comes to an end

With an announcement on social media, the official account of Snow White Blood has posted a piece of very heart-breaking news. The German band, active since 2013, will no longer exist, and the members will continue their musical path on their own. Read the full...

ALBUM REVIEW: “Kore” by Victoria K

ALBUM REVIEW: “Kore” by Victoria K

Since its release, I have listened to “Kore” about eight or nine times, and each time I listen to it, I uncover new aspects to admire… So here are some of the things I loved about “Kore” by Victoria K.

LIVE EVENTS: February full of metal at the Live Club!

LIVE EVENTS: February full of metal at the Live Club!

It will be a February 2023 under the banner of metal music at Live Music Club in Trezzo sull'Adda, in the province of Milan.Four highly anticipated concerts are coming up, celebrating metal in many of its subgenres, featuring great international bands, accompanied, in...

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