When one of your favourite bands is about to release an album, it is almost impossible to stand still and not review it. So, here it is my review of Degrees of Truth‘s third album, “Alchemists”.

FemMetal Rating

Rating: 9 out of 10.


“Alchemists” is a step forward for Degrees of Truth, who have created an incredible records full of surprises and yet we can fully appreciate the band’s purest essence.

If you’re a habitual reader of FemMetal, you’ll know that one of my favourite subgenres is symphonic. You’ll also know that I like symphonic metal mixed with literally anything else. Even with pizza or chocolate. And that is the case with Degrees of Truth, because in “Alchemists”, they are not afraid to experiment, innovate and create new art while remaining true to themselves and their style. 

I don’t think that there are many people capable of composing an intro more majestic, resounding and stupendous than “Imperfect Concoction”. Parnisari has really outdone himself with this new album, and the start is literally perfect (contrary to the title!). 

It was a very good move to choose “Flightmare” as debut single because, so far, it is my favourite song. That could also be because I listened to it far more many times than I care to admit, but such is my burden. Oh, what a burden, I might cry. 

I probably shouldn’t have written that because I have shed so many tears on “Wreckage of a Lifetime” that you will only understand when you will hear it. As we have seen her live plenty of times, Beltrame’s voice is even more powerful and yet heartbreaking in this album. Her versatility never fails to amaze me, and now we also get to appreciate her as a lyricist. I am still having goosebumps while listening to the last line of that track. It is beyond spectacular. 

If “Flightmare” had a sister, it would be “Misconnection”, only that “Misconnection” is far more emotional and marvellous. Then, with “Tiny Box of Horrors” (which is my second favourite song so far with “Wreckage of a Lifetime”), Degrees of Truth meets Tim Burton, and the result is a masterpiece. 

I am so happy that both Brianza’s guitar and Corsalini’s bass were given ample space in the mix, which I do not take for granted because not every band has this quality. Instead, they can be recognized in each and every song, where also Ravezzani’s drums were absolutely astonishing. 

In conclusion, not only did Degrees of Truth make a huge step forward since “Time Travel Artifact”, but they have maintained their form and improved on it even with some changes in the line-up. Their flair for grandiose melody, superb arrangements and heavenly composition cannot be replicated, imitated or copied. “Alchemists” is the closest thing to magnificence in 2023. 

Benedetta Baldin

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