Our band today is Passengers in Panic from Athens, Greek. The Folk-Progressive Metal band has recently released their debut, a self-titled album recently. The band’s music has a unique fusion between heavy Metal riffs and folk melodies that makes them really interesting. We have had the pleasure to listen to ‘Passengers in Panic’ and write this review about it.

We also had the chance to chat with Kally Voo, Passengers in Panic‘s vocalist, and asked her about her band’s new album and several other things. You can read all her answers in the article below.


‘Passengers in Panic’ is a 10-track album that lasts about 42 minutes. The album’s progressive style is very interesting as it merges the Metal sound with a Greek folk sound through very catchy melodies. Here are three things we loved about ‘Passengers in Panic’.

1. The guitar riffs

The Metal side of Passenger in Panic’s music is fueled with powerful guitar riffs. These guitar riffs provide a very catchy feelings to the songs and is perfectly fused with the band’s other sound features. Songs with the best riffs would be Undertaking, No Ghosts at the Feast, and Shipwreck.

2. The variety

‘Passengers in Panic’ has not only created a unique progressive sound, but also created a variety in the music within the same sound. Some bands often include a slower or a more Pop song in among the tracks of their albums, and that’s encouraged for the contrast it creates in the album which makes it more interesting. But what Passengers in Panic has done in this record is a bit different. The slower songs with acoustic beginnings or softer tunes are still considered within the unique sound of the whole album. They didn’t borrow a different sound to create that contrasting effect, but had their own sound vary between heavier and faster songs with softer and slower ones. The movement between the tracks Gang of Stares, Tsampasin, and Leap of Faith would perfectly illustrate what I’m saying here.

3. Folk music

‘Passengers in Panic’ didn’t just contain some folk melodies adding a layer over the Metal music. The progressive elements were deeply embedded into the music that it felt like a homogeneous sound rather than two forcibly fused genres. That is one interesting thing to listen to.

Favourite song: “Leap of Faith

The songs on ‘Passengers in Panic’ are of a similar quality, and that is something else we can applaud them for. But Leap of Faith is one unique song that one can easily connect, especially with its unique structure and great sound.


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