We had the pleasure to interview Kally Voo from Passengers In Panic and asked her about her band’s new album and her thoughts and opinion on other matters.


Hello Kally! Really happy to be able to chat with you. How is 2021 treating you so far?
Hello and a happy New year to everyone . It’s been gentle with me, so far ! 
That’s great!
You released your debut album last month. We will talk about that later, but first would you like to introduce your band, Passengers in Panic, a bit to our readers?
We are a new band based in Athens Greece experimenting with folk and progressive music using metal as a vehicle . Lefteris Christou (bass), Lela Argiri (electric acoustic guitars ) and Akis Gavalas (drums) the basic line up.
Your self-titled album was released at the very end of 2020. How are you feeling about the reception this album got so far?
The reviews it got so far  in the press  national and abroad  were more than positive and the reactions of the public were encouraging. It exceeded our expectations and we feel very proud of our work.
In order to get to know you and get our readers excited about the new album as well, how about we play a game, something we love to do here. I’ll give you a task in a certain scenario and you’ll have to pick one song from your album that would best fit. Ready?
I simply  love games! Ready!
Which song from ‘Passengers in Panic’ would you use to show someone what your music is like?
Life at it’s Best embodies lyrically and musically what Passengers in Panic are all about.
Which song from ‘Passengers in Panic’ would you use to help a friend that is going through some hard times?
Shipwreck, definitely which was written exactly for that purpose: as a dynamic “pep” talk !
If all songs on ‘Passengers in Panic’ came to life, which one would be your best friend?
Gang of Stares. It would be a very optimistic, lively and courageous  friend, ready to stand up for me . 
If Earth was invaded by hostile aliens with advanced technology, and their only weakness was music with heavy guitars, which ‘Passengers in Panic’ song would you lead the charge against the aliens with? 
Nakba, which entails all the pain, anguish, determination and pathos of the hardship of the Palestinian people. I think it would be most appropriate.
Finally, if all songs on ‘Passengers in Panic’ changed to food, which one would be your favourite dish?
That’s an easy one! Pastitsio, a Greek dish made of pasta, minced meat, feta cheese and béchamel in layers.  Delicious elements integrated into a wonderful experience for your taste buds . 
That sounds delicious indeed.
Thank you for playing Kally!
One of the songs on the album, ‘Leap of Faith’, is about gender-based violence, which is a very important topic. How important do you believe it is for an artist to deliver feminist and human rights messages through their social media reach or work like you did?
I think that taking a stand, especially in periods of crisis, is an essential  part of being an artist. When it comes to Human Rights, even though there are national bills and an international declaration that constitutes  them, I feel that we still have to defend them by protesting through our music and lifestyle . 
Making an album is a long process that involves things like composing, recording, promoting and performing live. Which step in this process do you enjoy doing most, and which one do you enjoy least?
I think all four stages are challenging and pleasing but if I have to choose one that would be promoting. I love interviews though, so that’s not a very clear answer I suppose ! Oh, well…
Thank you for the interview Kally! It has been a pleasure! 
The pleasure was all mine! Thank you, it’s been a ride!

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