ODC is a French band that was formed in early 2017. The band has been working hard on their music, and it’s showing in the quality of the two singles they have already released, showcasing a wonderful style of alternative metal featuring stunning tunes and electrifying vocals. The Parisian band is set to release an EP in early 2019. We talk to lead singer Celia about the band and more.

Mirk: Hello Celia. Thank you for agreeing to take this interview, first.

Celia: Thanks to you.

Mirk: ODC has been together for a bit less than three years now. How has it been like to be in a band for you? (Remembers basic math from school) Two or three? 🤔

Celia: Well to be more specific, I met the composer in 2015, but the band was born in the beginning of 2017.

Mirk: So how has it been like to be in the band?

Celia:  Well ODC is my first band. It was one of my dreams to play in a band like this. We all get on extremely well, it’s the key to make a project like this a success.

Mirk: That’s what makes bands more interesting than solo acts. Can you tell us a bit about ODC? Who are the members? How did you all meet? Who inspires you as a band?

Celia: We are five: Yannis is the composer and lead guitarist. We met in 2015; I was looking for a band and he was looking for a singer. I really had a crush on his songwriting and we decided to work together; after one year working on the songs and my voice we decided to complete the band. We recruited Pierre-André the bassist and Theo the drummer end of 2016; Yann the second guitarist arrived beginning of 2018.

Regarding our influences, Yannis is a big fan of Devin Townsend, who clearly has a big influence on our music; he has also been influenced by many others artists like Pantera and Guns N’ Roses.

Mirk: What about you Celia? Who did you grow up listening to?

Celia: Listening to Queen, Nirvana, Aerosmith among others. I discovered Metal thanks to my best friend 3 years ago.

Mirk: These are amazing names you mentioned and I am very glad you discovered metal.

Celia: Me too! It has been a big moment in my life. There is a before and an after, a big milestone for me. I finally discovered on which music I wanted to sing.

Mirk: That’s amazing! You have released two singles already and you have a live video and an acoustic session on YouTube. I loved your voice on all these but your voice on the acoustic session was, in my opinion, the most stunning. Will ODC’s albums include this variety in music? Between heavy music and lighter forms of rock?

Celia: It’s totally exact. We are a bridge between modern metal and classic rock models, we mix a lot of influences : the composer has a progressive metal background and he is working closely with Cyril, songwriter, who is more influenced by modern Metal.

Mirk: In the recent years the number of women in the metal industry has grown a lot. How do you feel about that?

Celia: I am happy to see that people are asking for that and supporting this trend.

Mirk: Finally, other than music, what is Celia passionate about?

Celia: Horse riding! Passionate about this animal, and riding on the beach is the best to feel freedom!

Mirk: That’s amazing! I love horses too. Thank you for your time. I personally can’t wait to hear more music from you. ODC are one of the most talented bands I came into since I started doing this.

Celia: Thank you so much Mirk. We are so happy to read that.

You can stay up to date with ODC and Celia by following them on Instagram, visiting their webpage, and their YouTube channel.

Mirk Wood

I love good music and write about it sometimes.