Our interviewee today is a singer that claims two thrones: one in the world of Opera, and another in the world of Metal. She is Laura Macrì, renowned Opera singer and vocalist of Symphonic Death Metal band, MaYaN. We had the pleasure to interview the Sicilian vocalist and ask her about her current projects among many other things. We hope you enjoy this interview.


Hello Laura. It’s wonderful to chat with you. How are you doing in these globally hard times?
I am fine thanks, trying to enjoy the little things of life.  
I think most of our readers would know you as a vocalist in MaYaN, but you’re also an opera singer and have performed in many major operas around the world. What do you dream and plan to achieve more in your musical career? 
I dream to keep growing as an artist and as a person. 
You released a solo album in 2017 called Terra. How do you feel about the reception this album received?
I didn’t expect such good reactions, many people came to see the shows and I had lot of fun performing my own music. 
 Are you considering or planning for another solo release?
Yes, we are currently working on it. 
Due to COVID-19 many tours have been cancelled and musicians couldn’t  and some still can’t perform live. What is the thing you miss most about live performances?
Luckily I had the chance to perform between August and September, it felt like a dream to be back on stage, it was really needed. 
Being a soprano you were directly involved in 2 worlds: The world of Opera on one hand and the world of Heavy Metal with MaYaN and other bands on the other. What is your favourite thing about each of these two worlds?
They give me the chance to express myself in different ways and that’s what I love, it’s like two different kind of adrenaline. 
What musicians did you grow up listening to and is there a musician that you’d consider as your role model? 
I used to listen different kinds of music starting from Pop, to Metal, and even Rap long long time ago ahahah. During my teenage I loved Nightwish so Tarja was a kind of a role model for me as she is also an Opera and Metal singer. 
Have you ever been treated with sexism? How would you face sexism and what advice would you give to young people who face any kind of discrimination?
Luckily I never had such an experience, my advice is to fight for your rights and if you see things going wrong just raise you voice. 
If you had the power to get rid of one problem the world is facing nowadays, like remove that problem completely from existence, which one would you choose?
Surely the Covid-19
Aside from music, what hobbies and activities do you enjoy doing?
I love reading, fitness and baking cakes. 
Thank you for the interview Laura!
It has been a pleasure 

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