We’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Eszter Anna Bauman, vocalist, flutist, and bassist of Hungarian Alternative Metal band, Ann My Guard. The band recently released their fourth album ‘Furia’. We asked Eszter about her new album, her life during the pandemic and many other things. Hope you enjoy this interview like we did.


Hello Anna! How have you and the other members of Ann My Guard been lately?
We are doing fine, although it is really hard to not see each other for months due to Corona. I couldn’t fly home from The Netherlands to Hungary to see my family and friends on Christmas, so it really hit me hard. But with the band we are definitely happy about our latest release called Furia, as we’ve got amazing comments and feedback about the new songs.
We’re going to talk about your new album, ‘Furia’ soon, but first, how would you introduce Ann My Guard to our readers who are learning about you for the first time?
I started Ann my Guard when I was 18 years old and even from the beginning, I had a vision about a sound which is unique and unmistakable in the metal scene. With our music we combine heavy riffs with feminine and dark melodies, lyrics of ancient mythologies, folk and classical elements. The first thing that the listeners usually notice is that the vocals are really catchy, yet the instrumentation is technical, thick and deep.
That’s awesome.
You released ‘Furia’ late in 2020. How do you feel about the reception it got so far from the fans?
As I said, since the release we’ve been getting overwhelming comments and messages from the fans, which help us to survive mentally this hard period. It is really nice to see that fans are always there for you, they inquire about the upcoming tours and plans. Also, I recognized that people are keen on finding and discovering new music as well, so apparently we gather more and more new listeners around us. It is really honorable and beautiful, I think. 
Releasing material in 2020 was a challenge for many musicians, but your album is actually related to what the world faced in 2020. In your opinion, how did the pandemic affect the music industry in general and your musical project in particular?
So to say, the situation is catastrophic. Venues are being bankrupted, agencies fall apart, bands call to quit… we’ve seen many examples of this. But I’ve always been a go getter, and I have always done music for the art itself, not primarily for financial things. So as many bands decided to wait with their releases until they can tour again, I thought Furia has to be out for the world, because the context and the theme of the new songs are so relevant for each of us. I don’t regret this decision and our fans truly appreciate this step.
That’s a great mentality.
To get our readers more excited to check out the album, let’s play a little game of imagination. I’m going to give you a certain scenario and a task that you would then have to choose one song from ‘Furia’ to do. Ready?
Yeah, sure!
What song from ‘Furia’ would you use to introduce someone to your music?
I’d pick Aurora. This is a song which truly describes our style: nice heavy riffs with ethereal strings and piano plus catchy vocal lines.
What song from ‘Furia’ would you use to make a friend of yours feel better?
The Mourning. This is the dirtiest darkest instrumental song we’ve ever made with the horrifying crying sound in the background. Sorry, I am more of a realistic person in connection with traumas and losses: I am not bringing flowers and bonbons, I’d rather tell the person: let it out, let it go. Cry, scream, squall!  
If all the songs on ‘Furia’ came to live and became human beings, which song would you be best friends with?
Nyx. She is the Goddess of the night, a tough woman. She taught me how not to be afraid in the dark.
If aliens invaded Earth and it was found out that their only weakness is heavy guitar riffs, which song from ‘Furia’ would you lead the charge with?
The title song, Furia. Those riffs are universal. I think every species would understand them.

Finally, an archeologist in 3021 discovers under the ruins of an ancient vehicle a working copy of ‘Furia’ album and manages to play the songs, which song would she like the best?
Child’s Play. The song might sound innocent at the beginning, but as you are paying more and more attention to the lyrics, you recognize that a monster lives behind the words. So she would be like ‘gosh, people by that time were truly crazy!’
Thank you for playing, Anna!
Have you ever been treated in a sexist way? How would you face sexism and what advice would you give to young people who face any kind of discrimination?
Yes I have, merely in the beginning when I was a naive girl who wanted to be a rockstar. Sometimes I still get sexist comments, but by now I don’t even care. Here’s why:  I think over these years I’ve gained so much respect in the industry as being my own manager and songwriter with a proper message. And I am not a fan of those people who always play the victim and who are not tough enough to stand for themselves, yet they have a bunch of followers who listen to them. I want to see warriors, goddesses, role models! So that’s what I want to suggest to other women: write your own music, make true art, be a professional performer and don’t let anyone tell you what to do. My opinion is, firstly I am an artist, secondly I am a woman, if you know what I mean. Men sometimes tend to think that they dictate and they are the bosses. But what they don’t know is that women usually lead and take control over things, without even telling it to anyone and without making it easy and obvious. This is our ancient trick, haha! But back to the sexist comments: if anyone still tried to behave like this to me, I wouldn’t even spend a microsecond to respond or to care. That’s not my level and that’s not my audience. 
That’s a powerful message.
You’re a successful musician right now with four albums to your name. But what is the most treasured music-related memory from your childhood?
My life was full of music each day as I was studying classical music. I am so thankful to my parents who sent me to music schools and choir rehearsals. Then, they let me watch Disney movies of which I knew every song. I had the most amazing childhood ever in Hungary!
Thank you for the interview Eszter! It has been a real pleasure! 
My pleasure too, I really enjoyed it! Keep supporting your artists, we need you more than ever.

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