Leyan is a drummer from Turkey who has worked with several Metal projects. Leyan is now very active on YouTube posting exciting drums covers of unforgettable Metal songs. We had the chance to chat with Leyan and ask her about many things including her music and plans. We hope you enjoy this interview.


Hello Leyan! It’s wonderful talking to you. How are you doing?
Hey, so happy to join an interview with you too! 💙 I’m always drumming! Feeling really energetic today and hope you’re well too! 
You’re a drummer from Turkey. Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself in case that’s the first time they read about you?
I was born in Belgium in 1993. But I have been living in Turkey since my childhood years. I began my music life with piano. I graduated from high school of fine arts (these was the times I met my beloved drums). 4 years ago I opened my music studio to practice drums more, and then my life has totally changed! I began to play with lots of bands, gave concerts, made ep’s, made lots of conceptual cover videos… Drumming became my job, my everything, and I began to chase my dreams! I’ve also been giving drum lessons both in my studio and with some institutions. I’m proudly endorsed by Vater drumsticks, Turkish Cymbals, Cympad, Okecajon. 
What bands did you grow up listening to and which bands can you say have had the most impact on your music taste?
When I was a teenager, my meeting with metal music was with ‘Evanescence’. I think their style had a big effect on shaping my music taste. Maybe because of my growing up with piano and classical music, I always loved symphonic metal a lot! I was also inspired by lots of bands and musicians like Bjork, Led Zeppelin, Sarah Brightman, The Cranberries, and so on. When we have a look at my drummer idols, Jeff Porcaro, John Bonham, Benny Greb, Cindy Blackman, Anika Nilles, Marco Minnemann, Volkan Oktem can be given as examples. 
What made you passionate about learning drums and becoming a professional drummer?
I think my feelings and the chaos inside my soul pushed me into drumming. Then of course watching rock & metal musicians, my idols’ performances, and being charmed by them play a significant role too. 
To get to know you better, how about we play a game? I’ll give you a scenario in an alternate universe and you have to react to certain scenarios.
In a universe where you’re a drummer of a Jazz band, what would the band’s name be?
In a universe where you can travel back and forth in time, what era or time would you like to visit most?
I always feel so close to Stonehenge spiritually. I believe I lived in there but I’d like to visit that era when the stones were constructed. 
In a universe where music is not sensed by hearing, but taste, what food would your favourite music taste like?
Sweet! Probably I would be addicted to it! 
Every time that I eat, my body begins to produce more serotonin. Isn’t it awesome?
Yes it is!
In a universe where you can get a legendary creature as a pet, which creature would you like to have?
Gargoyle 🦇
In a universe where blue does not exist, what colour would your hair be?
Ups, hard question… Maybe grey or white, just near to colorless.
In a universe where a person’s sense of humour is the currency, how rich would you be?
I bet I become rich more than my current life, haha. 
Thank you for playing, Leyan!
Would you consider working on a solo drums project like an album or EP centered around drums?
It’s actually my dream to create my own music and albums! I’m thinking about it and waiting for the right time to begin to work!
Have you ever been treated in a sexist way? How would you face sexism and what advice do you give young girls who face any form of discrimination?
Turkey is a patriarchal society like most other countries. Throughout my life, every day I face gender inequality and sexist prejudices, even the musicians, my colleagues do that… The effort for changing this situation is meaningless. It offends deeply to our cultural background. It won’t last. What we can do it is to change our point of view! I advise young girls, my lovely drummer friends, to discover their souls and the art within themselves and to believe themselves, to improve, to listen & create more, to work hard, and never ever give up! 
Great answer!
If you had the ability to simply erase any world problem, like hunger or poverty, what problem would you get rid of?
Gender inequality! The world would be a better place to live! 
Thank you for the interview Leyan! It has been a pleasure. 
It’s my pleasure to make this sweet interview with you, thanks! 💙

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