We talked with Jennifer Coleman, vocalist of British Symphonic Metal band, Operose, about their new album and several other topics. You can read the full interview below.


Hello Jennifer! Really glad to be able to chat with you. How has 2021 been treating you so far?
Well… I’m currently in Gent, Belgium and looking forward to finally starting back some work with the opera house here. Let’s hope it won’t be long before live performances will be able to begin again. I will be working on some livestream concerts here.
We’re all hoping for that.
You released your debut album last year in March. How are you feeling about the reception it got so far?
I think we released the album just in time for the pandemic lockdown. So that was both good and bad. Good because we got lots of online attention and reviews, but bad because everyone in the world was a little preoccupied with doing home workouts and trying to survive the end of the world.
How would you introduce Operose to someone who hasn’t heard your music before?
We are a twisted adventure between prog rock and opera that will take you on a new journey every time you listen.
That’s a lovely introduction.
In order to get to know you and get our readers excited about the album as well, how about we play a game, something we love to do here. I’ll give you a task in a certain scenario and you’ll have to pick one song from your album that would best fit.

Which song from ‘Oceans of Starlight’ would you use to show someone what your music is like?
Lost Horizon. You can hear the story telling in the verses, and then the choruses explode with all the different element coming together in full force.
Which song from ‘Oceans of Starlight’ would you use to help a friend that is going through some hard times?
This Life of Mine. It’s probably my favourite song on the album. I think there is a beautiful melancholy to it. I recently went through a breakup, and I think I found a new meaning and comfort in the song when I listened at that time.
If all songs on ‘Oceans of Starlight’ came to life, which one would be your best friend?
I am not quite sure any of them would be my best friend to be honest. I like people who are funny and can make me laugh; this isn’t that kind of album. But if I had to pick any, I would say This Life of Mine again. It’s just got so much wisdom in it.
If Earth was invaded by hostile aliens with advanced technology, and their only weakness was music with heavy guitars, which ‘Oceans of Starlight’ song would you lead the charge against the aliens with?
Octavian – I love the introduction so much! Joe McGurk is such a great guitarist and song writer. This is a battle song and 1000% meets this brief.
Finally, if all songs on ‘Oceans of Starlight’ changed to food, which one would be your favourite dish?
I think Nothing Left because it ends with a super high note at the end, I think it’s a top E or Eb, and I just know that that would be such an intense flavour to chew.
Thank you for playing Jennifer!

Have you ever been treated with sexism? How would you face this kind of treatment and what advice do you give to young people who face any form of discrimination?
Discrimination is never ok. My advice is to subtly call people out on it. Sometimes they don’t realise when they do it. But you have to be kind and clever with how you educate people, otherwise they become defensive and resistant to learning.
Making an album is a long process that involves things like composing, recording, promoting and performing live. Which step in this process do you enjoy doing most, and which one do you enjoy least?
My favourite part of the process is the recording. I love standing in a recording studio with my heart open and pushing my artistry to its limits. It’s so much fun to just let loose! It’s exhausting but exhilarating.
My least favourite part is when I have finished my part and I have to wait such a long time to hear the outcome and the final product. It takes months sometimes!
Thank you for the interview Jennifer! It has been a pleasure!
You are welcome! Thanks for the quirky questions.

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