We had the pleasure of chatting with Alice Sachertorte, vocalist of Italian Alternative Rock band, Atwood. The Milan based band released a new single late in 2020. The single, ‘Out of the Blue’, was released with a music video which will be linked below in the article. We hope you enjoy this interview with Alice Sachertorte.


Hello Alice! How are you doing during these weird and hard times?
Hey! I’m doing well, thank you 🙂
Would  you like to introduce our readers to your band, Atwood?
We are an Italian alternative rock band with some electronic elements. We like playing with moods and creating music you can vibe along to.
That’s cool.
You have recently released your new single, ‘Out of the Blue’. How are you feeling about the reaction it was received with so far?
We are absolutely speechless. We were afraid it would get less appreciation because it is more “pop”, but it has been received with such warmth and excitement. I think people have come to learn that every one of our singles will sound different from the previous one, and this is our trademark.
Is the new single an appetizer for a bigger release you’re planning for the near future?
It is! We’re planning a new Ep for 2021. No spoilers though! 
That’s wonderful news.
We love to get to know the artist we’re interviewing from a different point of view. So, I will give you a certain scenario in an alternate universe and you will have to react to it.

In a universe where you’re a superhero, what would your superpower be?
I’d love to be extra strong like Jessica Jones or to have healing powers. I cannot decide!
That would be awesome.
In a universe where the senses of taste and hearing are mixed up, what would Atwood’s music taste like?
Like your first sip of coffee in the morning – it’s a warm embrace that feels like home, but it’s bitter.
In a universe where you’re the queen of a kingdom, what interesting law would you make?
I’d make it illegal to eat and produce cheese. I hate it.
But… 😧 Ok
In a universe where you’re not a vocalist but a stand-up comedian, what would be a signature joke you’d say?
Doc, I broke my arm in 3 places. Well, don’t go to those 3 places!
In a universe where a new planet identical to Earth has been discovered and people can choose to either voyage and colonize the new planet or stay here, what would do?
If I can bring my family and a dog I’m going. But I won’t be colonizing if there’s people already!
In a universe where music is illegal and a person is sentenced to prison for a year for every hard copy album they have, how long would you be in prison?
A good 25 years.
Thank you for playing, Alice!
Have you ever been treated in a sexist way? How would you face sexism and what advice would you give to young people who face any kind of discrimination?
I must admit that I’ve almost never faced blatant sexism. I do however see it in the music industry a lot, and it makes me mad. My advice? Cut out that toxic person from your life, raise your voice, never forget that you need no one else to be complete, be as loud/”gross”, impulsive as you like. Find accomplishment in yourself, and be relentlessly angry at the world. That will fuel your own growth and flame. If we can’t stop them from discriminating against us, then we can at least make them weary. We’re here and we’re ready to fight back.
Great advice.
What is your most treasured music memory from when you were growing up?
My first live show – it was the most terrible thing you could ever think of, but it was my icebreaker!
Thank you for the interview Alice! It has been a delight!
Thank you so much for having me! These questions were extra cool 🙂

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