It is always a wonderful experience to be able to speak with great women, especially artists, and learn from their perspectives on life and views. Judith Rijnveld is one of these great women whom I had the pleasure of interviewing. From behind the microphone with Kingfisher Sky, she joins the other instruments of the band to create a spectacular Metal sound. Here’s what Judith had to tell us about her music, her life, and her dogs. (Surely I’d ask about the dogs)

Hello Judith. You recently released a new EP, ‘Rise’. What are your feelings on the way your fans reacted to this release?
When we played the songs live for the first time the reactions were heartwarming and enthusiastic! We also found that a lot of fans were eager to get the physical CD
You’ve been making music with Kingfisher Sky for a while now, more than 16 years (I guess). How has your music evolved from the time you started this project?
It has evolved in an organic way. The lyrics are more personal now than in the beginning. We also had a few line-up changes and that changed the way we write music and it became more of a joint venture instead of just me and Ivar being the main songwriters.
If you had to pick one song that would give someone who never heard your music before an idea about how your band sounds like, which song would you pick?
Hard question! 🙂 I think that would have to be Balance of Power.
How did the COVID-19 pandemic influence you as a person and an artist?
It made me even more grateful to be able to play again. Also very grateful for the fans that support us! And it did make us more creative in getting our music across the world without playing live.
I saw on your Instagram that you have dogs 🐶 I’m curious, how many do you have? What are their breeds and names?
We have two flat-coated retrievers named Molly and Bess! Bess is still a pup and Molly is an elderly female.
Around the world, certain groups of people face different kinds of discrimination, such as sexism and racism. As an influential woman, what advice would you give any girl reading this article right now and facing sexism in her school or work?
I had the privilege to grow up with a very emancipated mother in a country where you can stand up for your rights without any danger. I can imagine that it is not so easy in the rest of the world. I would say raise your sons to be respectful towards women!
Are you planning any big release with Kingfisher Sky anytime soon that you would like to tell us about?
Right now we are working on an acoustic EP as a contrast to the current EP “Rise”! We are still in the writing process but of course, we will keep you up to speed.
Thank you for the interview, Judith! Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Thank you too, Vanessa! We hope to be returning to our beloved stage very soon and that all of you will be there to join us!

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