We had this wonderful chat with vocalist and bassist, Giuliana Amaral, from the Boston band, BAND, Inc, talking about her band, their new song “Midnite Rider”, their future plans, and her life experiences. Enjoy this interview with the talented Giuliana Amaral!

Hello, Giuliana. It’s really wonderful to talk with you. How are you doing today?
Hello! Thank you so much. Likewise. Thank you for having me. I am doing well, thank you for asking!
Glad you’re doing well. How would you describe your music to our readers who are yet to check your band out yet?
BAND, Inc. is a hard rock band that’s very old-school sounding with a little bluesy-sounding songs as well!
You released earlier this year an amazing single, “Midnite Rider”. Are you planning for a bigger release any time soon?
Yes, we just recorded more songs in Nashville with a producer. I’m excited to say that we will be releasing a new song, and maybe a few more very soon!
That’s very exciting indeed! Can’t wait to hear them 😊 In order to get to know you better, and to have some fun, also because I’m a nerd, how about we play a nerdy game? I will set up some alternative universes and give you a scenario and a question about it. Are you ready?
Awesome! Yes, I’m ready!
In a universe where you can choose a superpower to possess, would you rather have the ability to teleport from one place to another, or the ability to read minds?
Probably Teleporting from one place to another. It would make traveling much easier for shows across the U.S.
In a universe where you’re the statue of liberty, what object would you be holding instead of a torch?
My bass!
Brilliant! How rich would you be considered in a universe where you pay for things you purchase by telling jokes?
Oh I don’t think I’d be very rich. I’m not very funny but I sometimes try with my really bad puns! It’s an area I need to get better at!
In a universe where you find yourself the queen of a kingdom, what would be the first legislation you’d make?
I would just want to make a kingdom where everyone could just be themselves, be happy, and do as they please as long as they don’t harm anyone doing so!
Great thinking! In a universe where the sense of taste and sense of hearing got somehow mixed up in the human body, what food would you imagine your music would taste like?
Maybe a delicious cheese quesadilla or a pizza, I would imagine something with cheese as that is my favorite ingredient!
😋 In a universe where a zombie apocalypse happened, would you most likely be hiding in a safe house, outside fighting the zombies, or already turned into a zombie?
Probably turned into a zombie but I’d at least try to fight them first!
Thank you for playing along, Giuliana! Hope you enjoyed this! Do you remember the first time you performed in front of a live audience? How did it feel?
Yes I do I remember it was when I played in an after-school program and I was playing in a band. At the time I was just a bass player and I remember being so nervous and having so much stage fright! It was really a fun time! After that, I remember having so many more shows and I was able to get rid of the stage fright and just rock out with the band on stage! And now I’m the frontwoman of my own band and I love it!
That’s a brilliant journey so far. Have you ever faced any kind of sexism in your professional or personal life? How would you deal with sexist behavior and what advice would you give young people around the world who face any kind of discrimination?
Yes in the past I can say I have encountered instances of sexism. Not a lot which I’m glad to say but it has definitely happened. Even though we see a lot of female artists at the top of the charts, the music industry tends to be mostly male-dominated. We have the added stress of sometimes facing men deeming us as unfit for professions such as sound engineering, music management, and sometimes even music production. It’s not always just as performers but in other musical departments, it happens as well.
That’s so true.
My advice would be to encourage everyone to be supportive of one another. Us girls have to be there for each other, especially in the male-dominated music industry. We should all try to be better every day and improve ourselves to be the best version of us that we can be. I always encourage others to follow their paths and speak their truth and for the most part, one should always follow their gut as it’s usually always right (For the most part). Everyone will face challenges and it will be tough, but you should never stop chasing what you are after. No matter what you face you should always remember that you are a strong woman and capable of achieving more than what you think. We are strong and powerful! The sky’s the limit!
That’s a wonderful answer, Giuliana. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with our readers. And thank you for the interview. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I had a lot of fun answering your questions! I just want to say thank you so much for having me. It’s been a pleasure!
The pleasure is mine!

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