Although the weekends weather was cold and wet, rock fans of all ages excitedly made their way into Merriweather Post Pavilion for a weekend of live music that did not disappoint. Teased hair, leather pants and battle jackets are seen throughout the crowd, everyone ready for some loud rock n roll. The first female musician of the weekend to rock the stage is nonother than the metal queen herself, Doro Pesch.  The setlist filled with a mixture of Warlock covers and originals, Doro held the reins tightly on the crowd as she worked the stage with her horns raised high in the air. A smile never leaving her face as she delivers her iconic metal vocals. Alongside Doro, her bandmates Johnny Dee (drums), Bill Hudson (guitar), Tommy Bolan (guitar, backing vocals) and Nicholas Douglas (bass) brought the rock n roll energy to the stage, never missing a beat. 

Photo by Taylor Cameron

Doro Setlist 

1. I Rule the Ruins 

2. Burning the Witches 

3. East Meets West 

4. Raise Your Fist in the Air 

5. Hellbound 

6. Revenge 

7. All for Metal 

8. All We Are 

Dylana Nova Scott of Vain and Savannah Keifer and Kendra Chantelle of Keifer Band were the females to rock the M3 stage day two, bringing a necessary fire to their band’s performances. Wielding her black Charvel, Dylana Nova Scott shredded her way through Vain’s top notch setlist, her chops better than ever. Bringing a new energy to the Vain classics, while still staying true to the original riffs and licks. Although the afternoon was wet and cold, Vain brought 110% to the stage, playing as if it was 1989. Knowing the bare minimum about the band before seeing them, they have now gained another new fan. 

Vain Setlist

1. Secrets 

2. Aces 

3. Icy 

4. Greener 

5. 1000 Degrees 

6. Who’s Watching You 

7. Edge of Nothing 

8. No Respect 

9. Breakdown 

10. Beat the Bullet 

Closing a full day of rock n roll, Keifer Band take the stage for the first time in over two years. The crowd erupting into loud cheers as the band emerge from the darkness. Contrasting Tom Keifer’s raspy vocals, Savannah Keifer and Kendra Chantelle’s soft vocals help bring a larger sound to the stage. With their coordinated moves and beautiful harmonies, these ladies bring new life into the Cinderella classics.  Falling Apart at the Seams giving space for their vocals to soar, as well as Savannah and Tom delivering a fantastic rendition of Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone), the two being my favorites of the night. Closing the set with Cinderella’s hit, Gypsy Road, the audience singing along loudly, not wanting the night to end. 

Keifer Band Setlist 

1. Touching the Devine 

2. Night Songs 

3. Coming Home 

4. It’s Not Enough 

5. Somebody Save Me 

6. Rise 

7. Nobody’s Fool 

8. Solid Ground 

9. Fallin’ Apart at the Seams 

10. The Last Mile

11. Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone) 

12. Shake Me 

13. Shelter Me 

14. Long Cold Winter 

15. The Death of Me 

16. Gypsy Road 

The final group of talented women to take charge of the stage on M3’s final day, are the Swiss/Dutch rockers, Burning Witches. Hitting the stage at promptly 12:30, these heavy rockers didn’t waste any time in taking charge of the enthusiastic crowd; many fans eager to catch the female rockers. Although heavier metal isn’t something I listen to regularly, these talented musicians caught my attention right out of the gate, really enjoying their entire set. Their stage presence and contagious energy, waking up the crowd in a matter of minutes. You can tell that these women are the real deal and that they are serious about every aspect of their music. 

Photo by Taylor Cameron

Burning Witches Setlist

1. Executed 

2. Wings of Steel 

3. Flight of the Valkyries 

4. HexHammer 

5. Black Widow 

6. Burning Witches