Usually, our interviewees are strictly Metal or Rock musicians. But recently, I met Mona Vegana, a wonderful independent musician who was, at the time, working on her second album. Mona writes, records and produces her own music, which would fall under Soul and Jazz. However, after hearing her music and liking it, and noticing the richness in Indie elements, I decided I would be selfish not to share it with others.

Mona has now finished writing and recording her album, which will be released on March 11th. If you’re reading this after March 11th 2022, please fix the tenses of the last sentence in your head. So here’s our interview with Mona Vegana!

Hey ma’am
Hey hey
You ready?
Where were you last night at 8 pm when the crime took place? ok joking XD
Uh huh 🤣
I’m going to include this in the article BTW xD
Ooh oki 😅
So, I know you well, but FemMetal readers don’t 😛 So how would you introduce yourself to our readers?
Alright, so I’m Mona Vegana. I’m a singer/songwriter and my music is heavily influenced by NeoSoul and Jazz. My lyrics are provocative and my style is unique in many ways.
Lovely. Although you’re not a Rock artist, like our usual interviewees, I noticed plenty of elements from different styles of music embedded into your music, including some Indie Rock.
I do also listen to a lot of Indie Rock, especially from China, so that has definitely influenced my style as well. I like to incorporate elements from many different genres and blend them together in a rainbow of sounds and vibrations.
Nice. And of course, you’re about to release your second album in a couple of days. What themes would you say are covered in that album?
The album title is The Forgotten Years, and basically the theme is about all the time we’ve lost during the pandemic. It’s especially hard for those of us who are in long-distance relationships and haven’t seen our significant others in the last 2 years. That feeling and everything that comes with it is what I wanted to showcase in my new album.
That’s something I think people will love to hear.You’re a vegan activist and that shows a lot in your music. One of the most prominent Metal vocalists, Alissa White-Gluz, once said: “The entire dairy and egg industry is made off of the exploitation of the female reproductive cycle. So, quite frequently, vegans will say that if you want to be a feminist, you have to be vegan.”. Do you agree with this quote?
I do agree with it. If you see the footage of how these animals are treated, as a woman especially, you will be very disturbed. Forced impregnation, their children were taken away shortly after birth. Their pain and suffering are becoming harder to ignore every day, and I believe that if you call yourself a feminist, you do have a moral obligation to extend that compassion to the members of other species who have emotions and feel pain just like us.
To get to know you better, and to have some fun, how about we play a game? I will give you a certain scenario in an alternate universe and you have to react. Ready?
Alright, sounds good
In a universe where you’re the ruler of a country, what would be an interesting law you’d make?
My first decree shall be to close all slaughterhouses and convert all of the farms into sanctuaries. We will stop all breeding of animals, and since we will produce a huge amount more food this way, we can export it to poor countries with starving children.
In a universe where humans are born with superpowers related to their personalities, what would your superpower be?
Probably something lame like mind-reading powers. An extension of my empathetic nature, I suppose
In a universe where all your songs came to life and became humans, which song would be your best friend?
Probably my new song Lazy Afternoon. It’s got great humor and it’s just a touch too sweet and romantic. I bet we would get along really well 🤣
Nice In a universe where the currency is the person’s sense of humour, how rich would you be?
Oh I would be a billionaire for a little bit, but knowing me I would spend my money in the blink of an eye. Whenever I imagine being wealthy, I can only see myself giving away my money to people who need it more 😬
Well, then you’ll make people laugh and give them money 😛
That’s my purpose in life 🤣
In a universe where aliens with superior-tech have invaded Earth, and it was found that the only way to defeat them is by emotional songs, which song from your upcoming album would you lead the counter-attack on the aliens with?
Without a doubt it would be ‘a Vegan World’. It’s one of the few songs that made me cry while I was writing it.
Finally, and I’ll think you’ll love this one, in a universe where the senses of taste and hearing are mixed up, what food would your music taste like?
Oh it’s really spicy! 🤣 I’d say something from the Thai cuisine. With lots of sweetness too tho. Mmm sweet and spicy vegan Thai curry. ❤️
Lovely! Hope you enjoyed the game!
Yea, that was fun
Thanks! Have you ever been treated with sexism? How would you face sexism and what advice would you give young people who face any form of discrimination?
I’ve definitely been discriminated against, be it by sexists, homophobes, or just regular douchebags. My mother always told me to just ignore them, but after getting bullied throughout all my school years, I’ve kind of lost my patience with bullies and harassers. I’d say stand up to them, make them feel shitty for treating you without respect or consideration. Make sure you always have friends with you to back you up. And also, you should always carry pepper spray with you, as a precaution.
Brilliant. Thank you for sharing! And thank you for your time 😃 Is there anything else you’d like to add?
To anyone out there who is feeling down, try not to worry so much about things we can’t control. Listen to some music, let your mind wander, and don’t forget to fruit yourself today. ❤️
Wonderful! 😃
Thank you. 🥰

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