We absolutely believe in FEMALE POWER! And the concert that took place near Como at the Joshua Blues Club was a perfect metaphor for our belief. Our very own Silvio Colombo captured the essence of both bands, where these amazingly talented ladies play and sing with their whole souls. Enjoy the photos and take a look at these bands!



Benedetta Baldin

Hi! My name is Benedetta, I’m 29 and I live in Northern Italy. My passion has always been music: I started taking guitar lessons when I was 6. Now I work as a sales representative, but in my free time I interview talented people, I spread the word about my favorite band (MoonSun), and I go to concerts or travel around Europe. I am a huge collector of anything Tolkien-related, autographs, merchandise, and CDs. I am quite an original person and don’t mind being the voice outside of the choir (even though I play in the church’s choir!).