Many artists and bands are excellent at writing songs and performing them, but I especially like the ones that belong to the atmospheric genre because there is something very fascinating about them. And the guest of this interview has an atmospheric rock band called Scriptures. Here’s what I talked about with Siobhan!
Hello Siobhan! How are you doing?
Great, thank you! Hoping for some Snow!
Not so long ago, you have released “G H O S T L A N D”: what does 2023 hold for Scriptures?
Currently, Scriptures is a ghost itself. Our members have disbanded to pursue other endeavours, hopes and dreams, and I fully support them!
Can you share with us a funny memory that happened during the recording of “G H O S T L A N D”?
I can’t remember anything specific because our humour was always surreal, spontaneous and abstract; we’d burst into fits of laughter singing the wrong lyrics. Or enjoy watching Kieren exaggerate his facial expressions when playing complex guitar solos. We were overall a quite chill but serious band.
What three adjectives would you use to describe Scriptures to someone who has never heard your music before?
Mysterious, haunting, evocative.
Do you prefer to perform in open or closed venues?
Open-air venues definitely have a different atmosphere and freedom compared to indoors.
Why is that?
If we had performed in a venue like a cave, I’d rethink my answer. But there’s something about looking out onto an open field or trees that is quite reassuring. A dream venue to play at would probably have been Waldbühne Olympiapark Berlin. It is very striking and magical to look at.
Going back in time a little bit… do you come from a musical or artistic family?
I was very lucky to be artistically nurtured by my family at an early age. My Dad had been in a band when he was quite young and felt the need to push me in a musical and artistic direction. My grandmother taught me how to paint and be one with nature.
What is the assumption that people make about you that’s totally wrong?
That I can’t take things seriously because I laugh so much. The many car trips back and forth from rehearsal with my bandmate Rob. He can attest to how anxious I got about getting life and our art right in general.
Unfortunately, women are still being treated differently and/or discriminated against. Do you think this problem will have a solution anytime soon?
As the only female member of Scriptures I was treated very fairly and with the utmost respect by the four male members of the band. However, when it came to promoters, that was a different story; a couple of them were purely sexually motivated, which was wholly disappointing. I feel like that will always be an issue with women as we put ourselves out there on the stage, and it is seen as an invitation for that kind of attention.
Let’s play a little game: if you only had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Oh, I’d say a selection of dim sum dumplings! With all the sauces!
Yum! Thank you very much, Siobhan, for taking the time to do this interview with me! Would you like to add anything else to FemMetal’s readers?
Thank you to you too! I’d say make sure to look for our album “G H O S T L A N D” on all the major streaming platforms for a ride into the mysterious world of our dreams.
Benedetta Baldin

Hi! My name is Benedetta, I’m 29 and I live in Northern Italy. My passion has always been music: I started taking guitar lessons when I was 6. Now I work as a sales representative, but in my free time I interview talented people, I spread the word about my favorite band (MoonSun), and I go to concerts or travel around Europe. I am a huge collector of anything Tolkien-related, autographs, merchandise, and CDs. I am quite an original person and don’t mind being the voice outside of the choir (even though I play in the church’s choir!).