The KNOTFEST podcast presented by Tori Kravitz and Alicia Atout “She’s With The Band” played host for Infected Rain’s electrifying vocalist Lena Scissorhands. The episode aired on the 10th of April.

The podcast works to empower women who work in the music industry and have done that by interviewing high-achieving women in the scene. Lena Scissorhands was the latest guest on the 19th episode. She shared stories about her early days as a musician as well as her experience with different events in her career.

You can watch the full episode in the link below.

Reuel Way

Being a feminist has been normalized as an irregularity through our patriarchal society, so I'd rather be called a "decent human" than a "feminist man". I breathe Metal and Rock and have a screwed-up sense of humour.