Chiara Zanon is the bassist of the Metal band The Silence Between Us, who have just released their new single “Stilla”. The song was released with a very interesting music video that you can watch in this link. Chiara picked 8 songs that have a special place in her heart for her mixtape. Check out Chiara’s mixtape below!


Side A

Track 1

Linkin Park – “In The End”

I was a teenager and didn’t already know how COOL distorted guitars and scream vocals could sound. Linkin Park made me realize it! And aren’t they one of the best bands that ever existed?

Track 2

Alexisonfire – “This could be anywhere in the world”

I’d just started playing bass and I was still deeply in love with drums so this song struck me. Since then I’ve always loved this band and their poignant clean vocals influenced my singing style a lot

Track 3

Norma Jean – “A Small Sparkle Vs a Great Forest”

All their albums have kept me company in some of the darkest moments of my life. This song in particular reminds me of that peculiar feeling they’ve always given me like they’re saying “remember you’re inner resources, fight back!”

Track 4

How To Destroy Angels – “Ice Age”

This song thaught me that it is possible to talk about terrible things with an aura of complete calm and total self-control. The sound design is essential but so communicative. They deeply influenced my attitude to electronic music

Side B

Track 5

Maximum The Hormone – “What’s up, people?!”

I love anime and I love anime openings too! In Japan, anime openings are often songs by metal/rock/punk bands. Isn’t it awesome?
This choice shows how important it is to save the mood/message of a project rather than market trends.

Track 6

Fleshgod Apocalypse – “The Violation”

I could write a book to explain why Fleshgod Apocalypse are my Italian favorite band but I’ll let this song and its perfection do it instead.

Track 7

Nobuo Uematsu – “To Zanarkand”

This song reminds me of all the times I played video games with my sisters and all the beautiful moments we spent together as well as being simply wonderful.

Track 8

Deftones – “Diamond Eyes”

To me, this song is the essence of hope. I cry every single time I listen to it. And Deftones are simply HUGE.

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Chiara Zanon

Bassist in The Silence Between Us, Singer in Human Suit, and Emergency medicine doctor