Piper is a unique musician and artist who released her debut album recently. I had the chance to chat with Piper and ask her about her debut release while getting to know her perspective on music and learning from her experience. Here’s our interview with Piper!

Hello Piper! It’s an honor to chat with you! How are you doing?
Hi, and thanks as well! I’m fine and excited about this interview.
So am I! You have recently released your new album named “What is the Heart For?”. How are you feeling about the way it was received by your fans?
I’ve indeed just released my first album, which I worked on for three years until it was ready. In fact, when making the album, things led to the next, and basically I didn’t set any goals other than challenging myself and realizing my vision. When making the debut album, I have had the “option to choose” the direction to be heard on the album, where the woman and the piano are at the center and as a result, the songs can be heard as lyrical rock originating from the piano keys. I have taken advantage of this freedom to work as I see fit. The international reception and feedback has been good and pleasant. Especially when there were no big expectations. I get feedback and with it I can develop the next album in the right direction. I’m already working on the material for the next album, and all the feedback I received is worth its weight in gold to develop the next one.
That’s great to hear! What would you tell our readers who haven’t got the chance to listen to the new album to expect if they go check it out right now?
I would ask them to take the time and silence to listen to the whole story, that the album makes up. The lyrics play an important role, and carry the album from beginning to end. When the lyrics began to form, I started looking for moods around them on the piano. My music partner, Saku Anttila, skillfully complements the music with other instruments, resulting in layers. I personally describe the songs as paintings, where I drew the outlines and Saku completed the colors of the painting. This “painting” needs to be seen as a whole, and I recommend that listeners take the time to understand and see it as it’s meant to be: multidimensional art.
Brilliant! Let’s play a little imagination game to get our readers more excited for your new album, I will ask you to pick one song for certain scenarios. Ready?
Ok, very nicely described game. Let’s get started!
Which song from “What is the Heart For?” would you use to introduce someone who never heard your music before to your music?
Self consciousness. It succinctly describes what I want to convey with my music, and the future direction. The song combines a peaceful spirit and a rock ballad.
Which song from “What is the Heart For?” would you use to encourage a friend?
Crossroads. This song “wants to let go” and “get it said”. This song liberates and encourages a friends to express their feelings.
Which song from “What is the Heart For?” would you use to cheer up a friend feeling down?
Light. This is the brightest song on the album, which encourages you to be inspired by the small moments of life and sometimes the quiet moments of life.
If all the songs from “What is the Heart For?” came to life and became humans, which one would be your best friend?
Dream. It’s a deep, but at the same time light ballad with waves of emotions.
In the year 3023, an archeologist finds a flash drive that contains your album in the remains of a vehicle and is able to play it. Which song would he like most?
Air. If artificial intelligence takes over the world in the future, this song and its sensitivity, acoustics and sleight of hand in the beauty of making music will be palpably authentic.
Thank you for playing! I hope you enjoyed this game. What is your most treasured music-related memory?
One memory that comes to mind now is one where a singer I admired once asked me to join an orchestra of professional musicians as her backing singer. In a way, it has also been a turning point for the early stages of my own solo career. In a way, that moment brought a concrete step closer to the dream of one day taking center stage on stage. I got a unique opportunity to see and experience everything related to getting on the big stage. So it’s a memory I cherish and I treasure.
Wow this is very amazing! Have you ever experienced any kind of sexism in your professional life? What advice would you give our young readers who might experience any kind of discrimination?
I have faced the inequality and belittling that comes with being a woman. I would advise young readers to trust their own vision, and that you can do anything if you want to. As long as you firmly stick to your vision and learn to trust that you can’t or don’t have to please everyone. Or start changing yourself according to comments or others’ wishes, especially according to discriminatory or subjugating wishes. There will always be enough comments and reviews, the most important thing is to strongly believe that “I do this thing this way.” There is always a chance to choose your own path.
Thank you for your wonderful advice!
Thank you for the interview, Piper. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Thank you very much for this interview opportunity. This was a very pleasant interview with specific questions. Finally, Piper would like to encourage everyone to take a moment, stop for a moment and listen more… “what is the heart for?”
Reuel Way

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