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Chiara Zanon’s Mixtape

Chiara Zanon’s Mixtape

Chiara Zanon is the bassist of the Metal band The Silence Between Us, who have just released their new single "Stilla". The song was released with a very interesting music video that you can watch in this link. Chiara picked 8 songs that have a special place in her...

Interview with Mylena Monaco (SINAYA)

Interview with Mylena Monaco (SINAYA)

SINAYA is an all-female band from Brazil fronted by the amazing Mylena Monaco. We had the privilege of getting this interview from Mylena who shared a bit of news about her band's upcoming album, told her story and experience in the world of music, and also shared...

Māra, Sold, & Neon Empire – Triple EP Review Article

Māra, Sold, & Neon Empire – Triple EP Review Article

Omne Trium Perfectum is a Latin phrase that translates to 'everything that comes in threes is perfect'. Therefore, we bring you today three reviews of EPs by Māra, Sold, and Neon Empire. Here's a quick introduction for each of the three bands. Māra. The Latvian band...

Interview with Mikaela Attard

Interview with Mikaela Attard

She's a Metal rebel. She's a talented musician and a brilliant artist. She's an influencer that people await to see her posts and interact with. She's a Metal Goddess. She is Mikaela Attard. We've known Mikaela at FemMetal as an Extreme Metal vocalist. And now we had...

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