The Way of Purity is a Swedish band who recently released their fourth studio album, ‘Schwarz Oder Rot’. The Death Metal band, fronted by vocalist LostMyFaith, have clear industrial tendencies in their music. We have listened to ‘Schwarz Oder Rot’ and wrote the review below. You can also tell us what you think about the album in the comments section below.

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‘Schwarz Oder Rot’ is a 12-tracks album with almost an hour of run-time. Here are three things we loved about ‘Schwarz Oder Rot’.

1. The unique sound and character

‘Schwarz Oder Rot’ showcases The Way of Purity’s unique sound. Their music has Industrial elements fused in a unique way with Melodic Death Metal. This fusion is established throughout the songs of ‘Schwarz Oder Rot’ through the riffs and harshness of the melody and vocals.

2. The lyrics

The topics discussed in ‘Schwarz Oder Rot’ are already deep, dealing with animal rights and protecting Earth from the greed of human beings. And the way the band deliver their ideas through lyrics is brilliant. If you enjoy lyrics depth in music, ‘Schwarz Oder Rot’ is the album for you.

3. Consistency of quality

‘Schwarz Oder Rot’ has a a great consistency in terms of quality. There are no time fillers or songs with a quality drop. All songs sound like they’ve taken a huge deal of work and you can feel the band’s soul in each and every song on the album. Huge credits for the production and songwriting to achieve this key factor.

Favourite song: “The Plague

The Plague is the first track on the album, and definitely my favourite. The opening melody grabs the mind tight and doesn’t let go. Lyrics just skip the ears and go straight to the mind. The vocals grow the excitement and deliver the message from the lyrics in an artistic and beautiful way.


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