Brazilian band, White Death, have recently released their single ‘God of Pain’. That would be the Progressive Metal band’s second single after their debut, ‘Beyond Good and Evil’, released in 2020. White Death is fronted by the talented vocalist, Priscylla Moreno, whose electrifying voice echoes clearly in the new single, which you can stream in the Spotify and YouTube links below.

We had the privilege to chat with Priscylla Moreno and ask her about her band’s music, their plans for the near future, and getting to know her more. Hope you enjoy this interview.


Hello Priscylla! How are you and the rest of the members of White Death?
Hello! We’re doing well! We have started to release our singles and videos. 
That’s great!
If you were to pick 3 words that would best describe your band, White Death, what words would you choose?
I would say fresh, energy and progress!
Brilliant. You released your single ‘God of Pain’ recently. How do you feel about the reception your single got from the fans?
The song ‘God of Pain’ was very well received mainly by the fans that already accompanies us more closely and I see it’s been spreading. I feel like every effort is paying off and that sense of duty fulfilled.
Is the new single an appetizer for any bigger upcoming release you’d like to tell us about?
We will also release next month the official music video of the single, which precedes the release of two new totally exciting and reflective singles and an EP with all this collection.
That’s great! Can’t wait for it.
To get our readers to know you better and from a different point of view, how about we play a little imagination game? I will give you a scenario in an alternate universe and you’d have to react.
Let’s go!
In a universe where you’re not a real person, but the main character in a TV show, would the show be a sitcom, an action comedy, an action series or a drama?
I would describe myself in a sitcom, facing real life situations, many of them predictable but in a funny way, with the good humor that is fundamental.
Sweet. In a universe where music is illegal and you are put in jail one year for each track on the last album you listened to, for how long would be in jail?
Based on the last album I heard, ‘Omega – Epica’, I’d be in prison for about 12 years. But if we consider everyone I’ve heard this year, certainly life in imprisonment.
In a universe where you pay by telling jokes and being funny, not by money, how rich would you be considered?
I believe we should always lead life in a fun way, but I laugh more than I can make people laugh, so I would be rich in well-being and zero money.
In a universe where you’re the Statue of Liberty, but instead of a torch you’re holding an object that would represent your personality, what would you be holding?
Obviously a microphone, a very important object in my work and held by the Statue of liberty so as to show people that they can also be heard. In other times I would use a hairbrush that for a long time when locked in my room dreaming of being a singer, was representative of what would be this microphone.
That’s awesome.
In a universe where you were kidnapped by pirates, and to let you go their condition is that you’d sing a song by the captain’s favourite band, Queen, which song would you sing?
In that case, Hammer to Fall – about being prepared for death, which is part of life. A pirate who lives at that limit would certainly identify himself and be thrilled. ‘Tow the line and play their game’
Oh, that’s my favourite song by Queen!
Thank you for playing, Priscylla!
What is your most treasured music-related memory from your childhood?
Certainly ‘How Can I Go On’ – Freddie Mercury. I remember that I was very young, without knowing how to sing or speak English, I tried to sing this song and every new note I could sing I was very excited to show to other people. It reminds me how I started to get focused and be passionate to learn a new song.
That’s a lovely thing to share!
Have you ever been treated in a sexist way?
How would you face sexism?
This is present in metal, when they hope to place the woman in a segregated or limited way, or the expectation of greater sensuality, in addition to disrespectful comments that are directed at me as a woman and not comments of my position as an artist.
And it is possible to come across situations like this in almost all presentations or media, although in some places more veiled. 
Thank you for the interview Priscylla! 
Thank you for inviting me to the interview. 

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