Earlier this year, Swiss Melodic Death Metal, Irony of Fate, released their second full-length album, “Wicked & Divine”.

We have talked with Cveti Stojmenova previously and ask her about the release and many other things. You can check the interview here.

We had the pleasure of listening to the new album and writing the following review about it. You can listen to the album on Spotify.


“Wicked & Divine” is a 9-track album with a 46-minutes run-time. Here are three things we loved about “Wicked & Divine”.

1. Thunderous Vocals

Aggressive vocals are the norm in Melodic Death Metal. Cveti’s vocals, however, add to that norm with extra power, thunder, and melody. It’s not just the aggressiveness of the growls, but also the way the growling easily flows with the guitar riffs and creates this wonderful speedy brutal sound. Vengeance, The In-Between, and Wicked & Divine are examples of the quality vocals we’re talking about.

2. Killer Riffs

“Wicked & Divine” is full of exciting riffs that make each and every song stand out from the rest. The riffs are not only aggressive but also have a melodic flow to them that would definitely be produced entertained headbangs when played live!

3. Variety

The album is far from a monotone one, with variety in tempo and approaches throughout the 9 tracks. Each track has a significant sound, there is no disturbing repetition of riffs or verses, and the way each song is introduced helps listeners remember the tracks, even after listening for the first time.

Favourite song: “Mayhem”

A wonderful golden age intro that bursts into a fast aggressive song with astoudning riffs is what makes Mayhem, not only my favourite song in the album, but also one of my favourite I have heard this year so far.


The FemMetal Team has given the album the following rates:

Betty 6.5/10

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