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In 2017 it was announced that a reboot for the film series “Resident Evil” is in production. The film series, based on Capcom’s horror video game with the same name internationally, started originally in 2002, starring Milla Jovovich, and included 6 movies. The original series took a different path from the game’s storyline, focusing on the story of Alice, a non-game character, including only elements from the game such as characters and minor events.

With the new series announced, the director, Johannes Roberts, promised the fans the movie will be more faithful to the game. Of course, no one expected a 100% game storyline coming to the big screen, but the movie was indeed more faithful to the game, bringing to the frontline some beloved game characters, as well as setting the plot at well-known game locations like the Raccoon City Police Station and the Spencer Mansion. However, one major difference between the game and the reboot movie is that the game is actually good.

“Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City” Review

Lost Characters

“Welcome to Raccoon City” is the subtitle of the movie. However, a more accurate subtitle would have been: “How Five Lucky Idiots Would Go About in Raccoon City”. The characters in the movie seemed a bit lost, unaware of who they are, and dumb. And I do not blame any of the cast for that. I mean Kaya Scodelario is not a bad actress. She has played some great roles. However, the screenwriter and director, Johannes Roberts, failed to make any of the characters convincing or even relevant. Almost entirely, the movie had the general mood of an office of employees being forced to come to work at 8 A.M. on a Saturday.

Off-Screen Action

Moreover, I believe the filmmakers missed the point of action movies. What a viewer would love to watch in an action movie is these situations where the protagonist seems to be in great danger, and how she or he would escape that danger. However, we find Chris Redfield pinned to the wall by a group of zombies at one point, then we see a cross-cut, only to get back to a free and very unbitten Chris Redfield, without knowing how the hell he escaped from that impossible situation, but thank you movie for informing us that he is capable of doing so. Another crime is Jill Valentine, played by Hannah John-Kamen, who kept disappearing during every action sequence in the final part of the movie only reappear after the danger was all gone. Game Jill Valentine would punch Movie Jill Valentine in the face repeatedly for not joining the action and leaving her friends to have all the fun on their own.


You can add to that many unrealistic moments such as Claire Redfield (Kaya Scodelario) not reacting to someone sexually harassing her, Leon S. Kennedy not hearing a big ass truck explosion at his station’s door because he’s using a walkman, and my favorite, a child smiling 10 minutes after both her parents were shot right in front of her.

The Screen Slayers

Kaya Scodelario playing Claire Redfield: In the mess of an inconsistent storyline, dumbass lines, and anti-climatic scenes, Kaya seemed like the only silver lining in the movie. A promising actress to pick for the main protagonist’s role and will probably shine in the role with competent writers. 3/5.

Hannah John-Kamen playing Jill Valentine: Seemed very unconvincing and weak. The movie wanted Hannah to show off Jill Valentine’s combat abilities but failed to give her a ground to do so on times that mattered. Probably unfair for the actress, but 2/5.

The Final Judgement

The idea is already based on a successful video game, so no credit to the writers for that. I would have had a better time watching a compilation of the video game cut scenes. The casting of Kaya Scodelario is the only promising aspect. The reboot doesn’t deserve a sequel, but the franchise does. 3 stars out of 10.

Rating: 3 out of 10.

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