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Album Review: Nita Strauss – “The Call of the Void”

Album Review: Nita Strauss – “The Call of the Void”

She’s one of modern metal’s top shredders, she’s toured the world with the Godfather of shock rock, Alice Cooper, one of pop music’s most legendary artists, Demi Lovato, as a solo artist, and she has so far released one critically acclaimed solo album… but that’s about to change with her soon-to-be-released sophomore album Call Of The Void.

Interview with Nita Strauss

Interview with Nita Strauss

One of modern metal’s most respected and beloved female shredders, she is a force to be reckoned with. Nita Strauss has grown her career from the ground up, from playing with all-female Iron Maiden tribute The Iron Maidens, to classic rock legend Alice Cooper, to releasing her debut solo album, to touring the world with one of pop music’s most iconic singers Demi Lovato, and now she’s back for the attack with a new album, Call Of The Wild.

Interview with Eda Soybay

Interview with Eda Soybay

Meet Eda Soybay, a talented and creative social media personality who has captivated audiences on Instagram Reels with her stunning guitar-playing videos. In this interview, we delve into Eda's musical background and explore the passions that drive her to create...

Live Events: news about Wacken Open Air 2023

Live Events: news about Wacken Open Air 2023

The biggest metal festival of 2023 has revealed almost all the bands that will perform in the Wacken grounds. The acts are as follows (in alphabetical order): Abbath Alestorm Amaranthe Amorphis Angus McSix Antrhax (40th Anniversary Show) Baest Battle Beast Be'lakor...

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