We’ve all heard the sad news of how a bunch of dickheads decided to savagely attack Evanescence’s stage equipment, setting them on fire, in reaction to cancelling their performance. The cancelling occurred due to a security issue that arose after a broken barricade wasn’t fixed. Evanescence announced the cancelling and apologized to the fans through a video shared on their official social media pages.

The band later released another statement thanking the vast majority of their Mexican fans who supported and showed love to the band, separating them from the “handful” who “turned to anger and violence”.

Meanwhile, in support for the band, some fans have launched a special campaign.

Maria, who runs the Instagram page @the_meme_witch_ announced in a post:

“After the very unfair event for Evanescence that happened at Knotfest, I think we should do something to show the band our love and support. Since “The Chain” is their most recent release, we should all stream it on Spotify as much as we can to let them notice that we’re still there for them.”

Maria, Evanescence fan

Maria told FemMetal: “Evanescence is a band that has and still is helping me go through anything in life, they really mean a lot to me. When I found at about what recently happened at Knotfest, I got very frustrated and I decided to do something to show the band that they still have fans that support them.”

Lucy, another fan who has been advertising for the campaign, told FemMetal: “In order to show the band the love and support of their true fans we have decided to try and get “The Chain” to be the most streamed song on Spotify in December 2019. What happened at Knotfest is absolutely terrible and Amy, Jen, Will, Troy and Tim deserve all the love from us fans right now. If you share our opinion please join us in streaming ‘The Chain’.”

We at FemMetal find what these girls have started a really appropriate way to respond for that incident. Artists, unlike most other occupations, need suitable media to perform their art. If that medium is not provided, due to lack of security or any other reason, the artist can’t perform well. So we invite you to join this campaign and stream ‘The Chain’ by Evanescence as much as you can.

Mirk Wood

I love good music and write about it sometimes.