Once upon a time in a far away land, there was a German Folk Metal band. In 2020, the first album they released. FemMetal heard the album and were very pleased. And so the FemMetal team wrote a review, and with the band’s lead singer they had an interview. The band is Vera Lux and ‘Aus dem Nichts’ the album is called. Damn, I just wanted the first phrase to rhyme, but it just rolled. So if you came just for the interview, do not fear.

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Don’t worry, I won’t go on for the rest of the review like that. The rhyming ends here.

‘Aus dem Nichts’ is a 47 minutes long album extended over 11 tracks. All songs on the album are in German, however, you can still enjoy it, like we did, even if you don’t know a single word in German. Here are 3 things we loved about ‘Aus dem Nichts’.

1. The lyrics are in German, the music is in every language

Vera Lux made some quite attractive musical melodies in ‘Aus dem Nichts’. Every song on the album has an intro that would grab your attention, a chorus that would peak it, and a bridge that would maintain it. The intros were the most interesting for me towards their variety and quality. Rattenfänger has a bass intro that is absolutely beautiful. Krieger has a gorgeous guitar riff in the intro. And Bis aufs Blut and Eiszeit also have quite interesting tunes in their intros.

2. The Energy

The album has quite a wonderful energy from beginning to end. The band was able to maintain this energy all through the 11 tracks of the album by two factors.

Inara’s vocals were quite an asset for the album’s energy. Her deep voice matched merged with the tune of every instrument used to create a good effect the whole album. The feelings she showed through her vocals, as in the song Flammenmeer, were one of the things that made the album quite alluring the ear and mind.

3. Favourite Song: ‘Krieger’

I must say it was hard to pick our favourite song. The whole album has a uniform quality and the all the songs have something special about them. Krieger, however has one stunning intro, a beautiful instrumental in the bridge and a heaviness-fused emotional chorus.

We recommend ‘Aus dem Nichts’ to all Metal fans. Vera Lux is a brand new band, and this is their first album. The authenticity we found in ‘Aus dem Nichts’ makes us wonder: WHAT’S NEXT?


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We talked with Inara about her music, their album and many other things! Hope you enjoy this interview with the vocalist of Vera Lux!

Hello Alessa! How are you and the other members of Vera Lux doing? Hope you’re all safe!
Hi, thank you. Fortunately, we’re all fine and we’re all healthy. Hope you too!
Lykorias, Violin and Bagpipes player
We’re going to be talking about your album ‘Aus dem Nichts’, but before we do, would you like to tell our readers who haven’t heard you yet a bit about your band?
With pleasure. We are a female fronted folk metal band from Germany. We are 6 musicians who have been making music together for almost 5 years. In addition to the usual instruments, we have a violin player in the band and a bagpiper who also plays the hurdy-gurdy. 
I haven’t got to listen to all the songs on ‘Aus dem Nichts’  yet but I believe it’s all in German. To what extent do you believe your music can reach behind your language boundary to fans that don’t speak German?
That’s right. All songs on the album are in German.
We got the feedback that people think it’s nice to skip this language barrier. We already had concerts in non-German speaking countries and people enjoy hearing another language. The topics and texts could be exchanged very well.
What I loved about the sound in ‘Aus dem Nichts’ is how heavy it is! Some Folk Metal bands are more Folk than Metal and others are simply Modern Metal with some folk instruments, but you have a great formula. How would you describe your musical sound as a band?
Thank you.
We try to create something new with our sound. We want to combine the hard sound of metal with that of a smooth voice. A female voice in folk metal is not very typical.
In addition, there are messages in our texts that are everyday and should give our listeners thoughtful but also powerful.
Vera Lux
To get our readers more excited to listen to  ‘Aus dem Nichts’, we’re going to play a game called ‘Which song on the album..’ I’ll list to you a bunch of tasks and you have to pick one song to do that task. Ready?
Yeah nice. I’m ready.
Which song on ‘Aus dem Nichts’ would you recommend to someone who hasn’t listened to your band at all before?
I would recommend the song “Labyrinth”. It’s our newest Song!
Which song on ‘Aus dem Nichts’ would you recommend to a friend going through a hard time?
Definitely the song “Krieger”. This is exactly what the song is about: keep going through the hard time and fight like a warrior!
If all the songs on  ‘Aus dem Nichts’ came to life as humans, which song would be your best friend?
I would say the song “Flammenmeer”! I love the song. The song invites you to celebrate your life and forget your worries.
If your life was a Netflix series, which song on ‘Aus dem Nichts’ would work best as the theme song?
The title song of our album “Aus dem Nichts” fits very well. The song is about your surroundings being destroyed. You use all this to start over and build it up again.
If you had to pick one song from ‘Aus dem Nichts’ to perform to a crowd that includes Freddie Mercury, Bruce Dickinson, Dio and Tarja, which one would that be?
Oh that is a good question. I think I would choose the song “Aus der Asche”. The song is a rocking ballad that is very powerful!
Thank you Inara for playing our game!
You have a very beautiful and unique singing voice and it’s showcased all over the album. Who are the vocalists that inspired you most and at what moment you decided you want to become one yourself?
I’m very happy to hear that! Thanks a lot for this!
I love the music of bands like Nightwish, Delain and After Forever! Floor Jansen is a very big inspiration for me! I’ve always loved music and singing. It quickly became clear to me that I wanted to sing in a band. I use singing a lot to express my feelings. Vera Lux helps me a lot because I can reflect many of my own topics. This makes the music and the feeling when I sing the songs, very intense.
Have you ever been in a situation where you were treated with sexism? Hope not, but if you were discriminated against, what would be your reaction?
Sometimes there are people who say “You achieved more because you have women in the band and that attracts the men!” It is a pity that this is still an issue.
Our violinist and I are self-confident, so we don’t care that something like that is said. It is not very nice if this is made a topic. But we are not interested in such statements! We are a strong family that is always together!
Now that you’ve released your debut album do you have any plans for the near future? Maybe a tour after the pandemic fucks off or more music videos?
Yes, the pandemic made it very difficult for us! We wanted to play a lot of concerts this year to promote the album. But we would very much like to make up for it! We are already planning the next concerts! Another music video was planned that unfortunately we could not make it to the limited contact.
But we use the time at home and work on new songs!
Finally, music for some people is a hobby. But for you it’s a career. What hobbies and activities do you enjoy doing that are not related to music, if any?
The music and the band take up a lot of time! Besides music I also like to do sports! This is a nice balance! I mostly go to the gym where I really enjoy the time for me.
Thank you Alessa for the interview! It has been a pleasure. Congratulations on the debut release and hope Vera Lux keeps soaring high in the Metal world!
Thank you so much! Thank you for this great interview! All the best! 

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